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Conquerors of Mesopotamia. From 5000BC to the Persians. Early Conquerors of the Land. Religious leaders held power first, then wars broke out With more wars, military leaders come to power Eventually leaders start taking over nearby villages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Conquerors of MesopotamiaFrom 5000BC to the Persians

  • Early Conquerors of the LandReligious leaders held power first, then wars broke outWith more wars, military leaders come to power

    Eventually leaders start taking over nearby villagesLeads to the beginning of empires and empire building1st Empire builder- Sargon of Akkad

  • Sargon of AkkadTakes power over SumerCame from the city of AkkadAdopted many of the Sumerian practices and beliefsBecomes the 1st time all of Sumer has been unifiedSargon dynasty unifies Sumer from 2340BC 2125BCExpands empire from north of Sumer to Persian GulfEmpire- many areas under the rule of one leader

  • New Leaders Come to PowerEmpire of Sargon begins to weakenAmorites take power of Sumer around 2000BC Make Babylon their capitalMoves it from UrAmorites become known as the Babylonian EmpireStill keep practices of SumerBabylonian Empire will reach its height under the leader known as Hammurabi

  • Map of the Early Empires

  • The Reign of HammurabiHammurabi comes to power around 1790 BCRules until 1750 BCBest known for creating a code of law for all peopleKnown as Hammurabis CodeWas based off earlier codesHammurabis Code was based on revengeEye for an eye, tooth for toothRules applied differently to the rich and the poorAlso changed religion under Hammurabi- Marduk main god

  • Babylonians Fall From PowerBabylonian empire falls apart around the 1600 BCEWeak leadership follows death of Hammurabi Also lost power due to a powerful opponent attackingThe Hittites attacked from the west; area known as AnatoliaUsed chariots for attacksGroup had iron tools/weaponsWere far superior to BronzeHittites also adopted Sumerian beliefs

  • Map of Hittites Location

  • Advancements of the HittitesHittites first group to smelt ironStart of the Iron AgeMade the Hittites superior to all other groupsIron weapons easily defeated other soldiers weapons Chariots were also inventedMade their warriors faster and could attack quicklyHittites would later fall to the Assyrians; very fierce group

  • The Assyrian EmpireThe Assyrian Empire comes to power around 850 BCEVery warlike peopleBuilt a large empire with constant attacks on neighboring groupsSennacherib great military leader of Assyrian empireBurned Babylon to the groundMade Nineveh their new capitalAssyrian empire expanded through the entire Fertile Crescent and into Egypt

  • Assyrian Military AdvancementsArchers- launched waves of arrows at opponentsLadders- used to climb over the walls of opponentsWeapons- were iron tipped, also had protective armorTactics- if not killed in battle, the remaining were impaled or beheadedWomen murdered or sold to slaveryTunnels- tunnels were dug under the walls or foundation to make them fall

  • The Assyrian Empire FallsAssyrians were attacked by groups who they defeatedGroups wanted to get revengeBurned Nineveh to the groundChaldeans responsible for the defeat of AssyriaOther groups also helpChaldeans were the rebirth of the BabyloniansLed by NebuchadnezzarMade Babylon their capital againKingdom became one of the 7 wonders of the world

  • The Persians End It AllPersian Empire was led by Cyrus, Cambyses, and Darius IStarted in the area between Mesopotamia and Indus ValleyEmpire would eventually spread and take Chaldeans