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Collection Development/Resource Sharing ConferenceMarch 26, 2009Jean PhillipsFlorida Center for Library Automation


  • 1. Connecting users to CollectionsCollection Development/Resource Sharing ConferenceMarch 26, 2009Jean Phillips Florida Center for Library

2. Connecting users to Collections There is no one place/one tool/one starting point/one type of user The tool that best represents what we have available to our users is the catalog How are we improving the catalog? Are they using it? 3. Are they using the catalog? Mango averages over 1 million searches a month Statistics from FY2007/2008 4. How are we improving the catalog? Stealth OPACs Better User Interfaces Wider Discovery More Interactive Clearer Delivery Options 5. Stealth Opacs Coined by David Pattern in his blog Self-plagiarism is style Most important feature of nextgen catalog in 2007 survey 6. Can you find the catalog? 7. How about now? 8. Now? 9. Here? 10. Here? 11. Recognize the device? 12. In the palm of your hand 13. Mango on the IPhone 14. This one is a little harder 15. Example using one of the tools Get an email about interesting lecture on the TED website, topic is organization structures 16. Better User Interfaces More like other Web interfaces Less instruction required for basic use More access points, ways to search Progressive improvement of look and feel 17. First generation online interface 18. First generation web interface 19. Vendor designed web interface 20. NextGen Catalog at NCSU 21. Mango is born Mango is FCLA created web application that uses the Endeca search engine and repository Began work in October 2007 Went live in August 2008 Still maintaining Aleph OPACs 9.1 million bibliographic records Aleph records from 11 SULs merged into one record 22. University of West Florida Catalog 23. Union Catalog in Mango 24. Better User Interfaces David Patterns Top 5 Priorities Stealth OPAC Relevance ranking Faceted searching Special collections facets New Title facet RSS Did you mean Other features important to SULs Export/save options Guided Navigation Text to mobiles Permalinks 25. Aleph keyword search 26. Mango keyword search 27. Mango interactive Live connection to LMS info. in Aleph Availability Patron accounts/Renewals Requests Book covers and more from Google books Citation formats from WorldCat: Cite this Export of citations to Refworks Text of title and call no. to cell phones Linking out to library location maps: floor map 28. Mango State University Libraries of Florida 29. Mango State University Libraries of Florida 30. Wider discovery: whats in your catalog? Aleph catalog records: 16 million bibliographic records merged into 8 million Center for Research Libraries Digital collections: DLU01/Digitool 31. Wider discovery: what could be added? UF Digital Collections Wolfsonian Museum IFAS EDIS publications E-Gov Docs Open Access Digitized books (Mbooks or allHathi Trust) Non-MARC resources 32. Delivery: How do our users quot;get it? Open URLs, link resolvers (sfx and Serials solutions) 33. Delivery: electronic URLs in the metadata, for example: Digital objects Images Full text Video/audio Federal Government documents Ejournals Ebooks 34. ky_on_institutions_versus_collaboration.htm 35. Delivery:digital 36. Delivery: map Go to the shelves (location mapping) 37. Delivery: map 38. Delivery: requests 39. Delivery: ILLInterLibrary loan requests 40. Delivery: Future Uborrow Unmediated borrowing 1st Phase returnables within SULs Aleph ILL or ILLiad later phases expand to CCLA colleges and beyond articles 41. Continuous improvement SUL OPAC subcommittee development list Articles in process Ideas to be prioritized Social tagging Recommender Reviews Integrated course reserves Subject oriented interfaces More data sources Cross references from Authority records 42. Future of interfaces? Sixth sense project at MIT Wearable gestural interface Ultimate mobile device 43. Future of interfaces?


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