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  • 1. Nepris, Inc. Connecting industry experts to every classroom to empower teachers and inspire students in STEM. Connecting Classrooms with STEM Professionals

2. Nepris, Inc. Research shows that young people who are exposed to engineering before high school can develop early interest in the field and improve their performance in math and science. But few eighth graders in Texas or the nation as a whole get that kind of exposure. -2013 Texas STEM Vital Signs Report 3. Nepris, Inc. 36% Only 36% of teachers today have any industry experience. 33% In 2018, only 1/3rd of high tech jobs in the U.S will be filled by U.S Workers. 67% High school kids do not know what STEM professionals do. Companies want to contribute towards STEM education ($2.3 billion spent in 2011) Schools want to leverage industry support to get more kids interested in STEM. Source: Harris Foundation, STEM Perceptions Study by Microsoft STEM Pipe Line 4. Nepris, Inc. Lack of Time Limited access (rural schools are left out) No curriculum connection Schedule conflicts Communication gap Knowledge Transfer Barriers Why isnt industry engagement in the classroom scalable today? 5. Nepris, Inc.Nepris, Inc. Teacher/Classroom Need real world exposure Industry Expert Has real world experience Nepris Enables industry experts to reach classrooms through an online virtual platform. 6. Nepris, Inc.Nepris, Inc. Live Virtual Sessions Topic: Dental Implants and Dental Computer Aided Design (CAD) Company: WhipMix 7. Nepris, Inc. Around the world, millions of scientists and technology experts have the ability to inspire students who need their support most; this effort will make it possible for them to enable millions of moments of discovery. - Schwarz , CEO Citizen schools on US 2020 Initiative 8. Nepris, Inc. 5th grade classroom- Measurements in Fashion Design Professional: Meghan from Fossil, Inc. Classroom Engagement 9. Nepris, Inc.Nepris, Inc. Pam McBride, Engineering Teacher Detyton Truitt, 10th grade students Neeraj Shah, Fastening Engineer, General Motors Video Testimony McKinney High School 10. Nepris, Inc.Nepris, Inc. Meghan Hunt, 1st Grade Teacher Clay Robinson, Agronomist and Soil Expert Video Testimony Stipes Elementary School 11. Nepris, Inc. Typical request ready for industry to accept 12. Nepris, Inc.Nepris, Inc. INDUSTRY That was fun and I'm glad to help. It was also great getting to experience the Nepris flow from both sides. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to have back and forth communication with a whole class through my laptop. David Bettner CoFounder, Curious Science INDUSTRY Thank you again for inviting me to do this. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the students and have already recommended to my colleagues about following suit. Please do not hesitate to contact me if other opportunities like this come up again in the future. Hugh Lee St. Jude Medical INDUSTRY I think the evaluation sessions are a GREAT idea! It was much less formal than a science fair AND it gives industry experts an opportunity to participate with the Nepris initiatives with much less preparation.and this type of session would allow them to evaluate student projects without leaving the site. Melanie Flowers Samsung Austin Semiconductor Testimonials 13. Nepris, Inc.Nepris, Inc. TEACHERS The lessons, discussions, and virtual experiences have linked experts in STEM fields all over the nation with our students. The experiences have created an energy and excitement about opportunities they didn't realized existed. It allows for relevant connections while highlighting purpose on the curriculum they are learning. Katie Babb, Principal Aldridge Elementary STUDENTS Made me excited to work in a CS job, not only because I may be working with people like them, and, as Mr. Sonmez said, "You can create something out of nothing." I liked how everyone was very honest and how they described how they got where they are now. I liked the video chat. Learned that hard work pays off. Like the format. Want to do it again! I was inspired to learn how to code. TEACHERS Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! We cannot thank Nepris enough for such an amazing opportunity! My students stated they could not wait to do another one! Hugh Lee had my students engaged and really asking some deep, higher ordered thinking questions. This was such a fabulous, authentic learning experience that my children will talk about for years to come. Job well done! Courtney Parks 5th Grade STEM Teacher Drum Point Road Elementary School Testimonials Testimonials