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<ol><li> 1. Kim Caise, NBCT, M.Ed. Connecting Classrooms through Global Projects New and Improved! </li><li> 2. Participation You are invited to participate in this presentation by: Share comments in the chat Share links to your work Share your questions Share an answer to a question Share tweets with #kcaise and #globaledcon All of todays content will be available at </li><li> 3. Why Global Collaborative Projects? Exposure to other cultures and current events Simulate authentic, meaningful projects requiring team work and collaboration Increase student achievement due to increased audience </li><li> 4. Why Global Collaborative Projects? 1 in 5 jobs will involve international trade 90% worlds data that students and adults are exposed to was generated in last two years 1 week of New York Times contains more knowledge than a person living in 1800 experienced in a lifetime </li><li> 5. Web Conferencing </li><li> 6. Web Conferencing Brief overview of web conferencing/webcasti ng </li><li> 7. Web Conferencing Brief overview of web conferencing/webcasti ng Types of web conferences with students </li><li> 8. Web Conferencing Brief overview of web conferencing/webcasti ng Types of web conferences with students Web conferencing projects and tools to connect globally </li><li> 9. Evolution of Web Conferencing </li><li> 10. Mobility and Availability of Tools </li><li> 11. Past Web Conference Projects </li><li> 12. Fourth Grade Open Mic </li><li> 13. Fourth Grade Open Mic Online Jeopardy Competitions </li><li> 14. Web Conferencing Equipment </li><li> 15. Web Conferencing Equipment </li><li> 16. Web Conferencing Equipment </li><li> 17. Web Conferencing Equipment </li><li> 18. Web Conferencing Equipment </li><li> 19. Contestant Row Class1Class2 Jeopardy Competition SetupJeopardy Competition Setup Projector 1 Projector 2 JeopardyPPT Class1Class2 Projector 2 JeopardyPPT Contestant Row Projector 1 </li><li> 20. Ellis Island Virtual Tour </li><li> 21. Ellis Island Virtual Tour </li><li> 22. Ellis Island Virtual Tour Links: </li><li> 23. </li><li> 24. Google Lit Trips </li><li> 25. Gamification Resources Jane McGonigal - TED Talk K12 Online Conference Kim Caise - Author Kim Caise - Author </li><li> 26. Gamification Minecraft Edu </li><li> 27. Global Projects andGlobal Projects and ExperiencesExperiences Links: </li><li> 28. Projects by Jen </li><li> 29. Civil War Sallie/Patriot Pete </li><li> 30. 21st Century Schools </li><li> 31. PBS LearningMedia </li><li> 32. ePals </li><li> 33. Iditarod Class Project/Information </li><li> 34. Online Model United Nations </li><li> 35. Discovery Education </li><li> 36. Skype in the Classroom </li><li> 37. Lincoln Memorial Panoramic Tour </li><li> 38. Panoramic Virtual Field Trips </li><li> 39. Book Giveaway Click on hand and look for number next to your name. </li><li> 40. Links: Special thanks to Steve Hargadon and Blackboard Collaborate for the use of this web conferencing room. Inspiration </li><li> 41. June 1, 2017 Maker Ed/Maker Spaces 7pm EDT/6pm CDT May 20, 2017 Classroom 2.0 LIVE 12pm EDT/11am CDT The Write Stuff Schedule </li><li> 42. Email: Website: Feedback form: LiveBinder: Kim Caise </li></ol>