Connecting Classrooms. Hartlepool and Tamil Nadu

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  • Connecting Classrooms

  • Hartlepool and Tamil Nadu

  • Three years of projectsVisit by Indian teachersIntroduction lettersVisit by UK teachersAssemblies and worshipMy townMy foodMy schoolMy environmentMy clothes

  • A collobration which brought miles together,

  • where our children learnt many art works and English which is their second language

  • Your co-operation to our project was unimaginable

  • our friendship with all of you carries only sweet memories

  • What we learn is that students are same in all countries.

  • Though the infrastructure and facilities and low in our schools they are working hard to compete with others.

  • We understood the talents of the students while they are doing the projects.

  • While they see the photographs of ur schools they come to know abt them. They feel happy.

  • They learned about the world.

  • The school is full of celebrations.....

  • Todays celebration:

  • We wanted to bring a little part of India to Hartlepool today

  • Our pupils enjoyed learning Punjabi

  • with Mr Shauq.

  • The pupils enjoyed Indian dance workshops

  • .and performed in an assembly for parents and the community.

  • Our pupils enjoyed trying on Indian clothes.

  • .girls and boys!


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