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  1. 1. #ConnectedRecognition with digital Open Badges
  2. 2. How do we learn today?
  3. 3. Primary school High school College / University Post-graduate studies Inspired by
  4. 4. Primary school High school College / University Post-graduate studies Robotics Problem solving Curious explorer Young researcher First constructor game Joins Minecraft club Playing video games with friends Summer camp on crafting Summer job at bike repair shop Biking and camping with family Interest in stars Internship at planetarium Online course on space mining Inspired by
  5. 5. We live, work and learn in the highly connected world
  6. 6. Open Badges can offer Technical standard which is getting global recognition Data-rich information about learning and achievements Secure way to own and manage credentials Interoperability across platforms and technical solutions Combination of summative and formative assessment
  7. 7. How do organisations work with digital Open Badges?
  8. 8. Badge Issuers Digital badge pathways Badge data: Issuer Earner Description Criteria Evidence Standard Endorsement & more... Badge Earners Inspired by Chris Appleton
  9. 9. Digital badge certificates Badge certificate Earner Endorsers Issuer Badge data viewersBadge earners profile Inspired by Chris Appleton
  10. 10. Badge use cases
  11. 11.
  12. 12. #TrustedBadges
  13. 13. #LearningMap
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