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  • 1. CONFIDENTIALITY-HIPAA Presented by: Sandra Wong-Allen

2. Patients Rights Patients have the right to have their medical history kept confidential to protect their privacy. 3. Privacy Rule Disclosure Disclosing a patients personal information can cause very serious professional or personal problems as patients rely on medical professionals, hospitals and other medical facilities to keep their medical history private. The HIPAA Privacy Rule also accords certain rights to patients, such as the right to request copies of their health records in paper or electronic format, or to request an amendment of information in their records 4. HIPAA LAW At all times patient information needs to be protected. Do not look for a patient information unless it pertains to you! Do not discuss a patients information with no one outside the practice. 5. SECURITY RULE Encrypting and Securing Mobile Computing Devices, Smartphones, and Tablets. Password Security-DO NOT SHARE. Document, Workstation, and Mobile Device Security-Lock workstation/mobile devices at all times to prevent PHI to get into the wrong hands. 6. Password Security Accessing a portal to gain patient information 7. Lock your computers when away from your desk This includes tablets, mobile phones and laptops 8. Consequences of Violating the Privacy Rule Fines ranging from $100 to 1,500,000 per violation. Costs and attorneys fees, depending on the type of violation. Civil lawsuits, misdemeanor charges, the reporting of individual violators to licensing boards for violations, and imprisonment. 9. Legal fees Attorneys fees and cost 10. Being fined for breach of privacy $100 to $1.500,00 11. Jail Time Being imprisoned if sentenced 12. References Fox News. (2008). Report Over 120 UCLA hospital staff saw celebrity health records. Retrieved from,2933,39878 4,00.html Web 2.0 tools. ( Wolper, L.F. (2011). Health care administration: Managing organized delivery systems (5th ed.). Boston: Jones and Bartlett.


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