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Slides for the inaugural Coneeect training program for entrepreneurship educators


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p> Coneeect is an international network of universities that offers training courses for academic entrepreneurship teachers to improve the Entrepreneurship Education across</p> <p>The Experiential Essence of Entrepreneurial Cognition:How Understanding Entrepreneurial Thinking Enhances Teaching &amp; PracticeNorris Krueger, PhD Entrepreneurship NorthwestJuly 23, 2013Were Not Teaching Entrepreneurship (or Shouldnt Be!)</p> <p>We Are Growing Entrepreneurial BrainsSturgeons Law?Do you want to be:</p> <p>Above-average?</p> <p>Top 10%?</p> <p>Top 1%?Are you sure? Copernicus Redux?Who invented kindergarten?</p> <p>A Copernican revolutionThree Revolutions?Converging today.</p> <p>How do humans actually learn important stuff?</p> <p>Practitioners leading the way</p> <p>Online/blended tools</p> <p>and a 4th: moving from Novice to Expert</p> <p>(dont you want to create experts? Dont you want to BE an expert?)</p> <p>Experts ObsessionsObsess over developing a truly entrepreneurial mindsetNot stuffNot skillsBusiness models NOT plans</p> <p>Obsess over deep co-immersion with the entrepreneurial community (a/k/a Ecosystem)What drives great things inStartup Weekend, Lean Launchpad, TechStars? exactly this</p> <p>Best technology commercialization programs? exactly this</p> <p>The most successful entrepreneurial ecosystems? (e.g. Boulder or SV) exactly this</p> <p>The A++ Entrepreneurship Programs exactly this</p> <p>What the best programs do1. Focus on mindset.. but not as buzzword2. Connecting students to ecosystem3. Connecting ourselves even more deeply4. And make connections two-way</p> <p>Engagement &gt; Immersion</p> <p>Immersion -&gt; CO-immersion!</p> <p>ACTION!</p> <p>9</p> <p>Consider lean startupValidate biz model sure, but also..Change mindset at a deep level</p> <p>Startup Weekend, TechStarsFull immersionPeer supportPersonal reflectionCo-Immersion with ecosystemExpert mentorsEcosystem feedbackWho &amp; what is guiding all this?And how do we do this online?</p> <p>Sorry theres homework For now</p> <p>When you think about the entrepreneurial mindset not skills, not info Think DEEPER. How would you know someone had a more expert mindset?</p> <p>What is different specifically? What are YOU facilitating in your class or activity? (pick one)WB YeatsLearning is not about filling a pail; </p> <p>its about lighting a fire. </p> <p>(but where does the spark come from?)</p> <p>Two Ways to LearnBehavioristic- fill the bucket-define the buckets Constructivistic- light the fire (or fan it!)- assume knowledge structures evolve(often discontinuously)</p> <p>14Learners create their own buckets</p> <p>throughpersonal reflection,peer mentoring, expert mentoring.based on authentic questions Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens. -Epictetus</p> <p>NoviceExpertEntrepreneurialMindsetCritical Developmental ExperiencesChange in WHAT we know (content)Change in HOW we know it (knowledge structures)Change in Deep Beliefs1616againthe best programs1. Focus on mindset.. but not as buzzword2. Connecting students to ecosystem3. Connecting ourselves even more deeply4. And make connections two-way</p> <p>Engagement &gt; Immersion</p> <p>Immersion -&gt; CO-immersion!</p> <p>17More ed psych!</p> <p>Neergaard, Tanggaard, Krueger &amp; Robinson (2013) Pedagogical Interventions in Entrepreneurship: from behaviourism to existential learning?</p> <p>What we are should be doingSkillsKnowledge</p> <p>Improving IntentMindsetChanging Deep BeliefsNovice Expert</p> <p>Improving ACTION</p> <p>the new role of instructorsAccelerating LearningProblem-Based Learning (authentic questions)</p> <p>Two overlapping themes:IMMERSION Action before thinkingMENTORING Learn the right lessonsExpert mentors [and I do mean expert]Peer mentors</p> <p>Or THREE? Supportive ecosystem?Social infrastructure; cognitive infrastructurehttp://bit/ly/EcoSys22MORE homework Remember that one change that contributes to a more entrepreneurial mindset whats different? What CDE would YOU give learners the opportunity to make that change? </p> <p>(You will never guess what I want to do this afternoon. ). If you do it right, you will be called.A trouble-makerA bomb-throwerA boat-rockerA. Well, what do they say in your country?</p> <p>But NO, you are not. You are a.</p> <p>Bildung Brandstifter!!If you want to get involvedin projects research or applied?</p> <p>Norris Krueger:</p> <p>Immersion/MentoringChalmers/GothenburgNU SingaporeThe Foundry (Utah) TechStars ( Weekendwww.startupweekend.orgLean Startup</p> <p>So what IS this entrepreneurial mindset anyway??Crowdsourced listThoughts? Which are the hardest to change? (More important for here... what can we measure?)Seeing opportunities, yes, butSeeing self as entrepreneur (role identity)Strategic thinkingDot-connecting / pattern recognitionEffectual thinking (bricolage, improv)Optimist (attributional)MetacognitionCounterfactual thinkingBias for action (vs. FoF!)Value creation as sine qua non (Market-pull?)28</p>