Conducting Successful Job Fairs: A Guide to Event Management

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Agile1 designs, manages and executes multiple job fairs for our clients. This deck is a step by step approach to planning and executing a successful job fair.


<ul><li> 1. JOB FAIR/EVENT MANAGEMENT VOLUME HIRING MADE EASY ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. </li></ul> <p> 2. Tracey Friend VP &amp; Practice Leader, RPO Agile1 Nicky Westrup VP, Talent Management AccentCare, Inc. PRESENTERS ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 3. ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 4. FIERCE COMPETITION: Home Health Care industry job volume increases *10K per month All positions are tied to revenue Must hire experienced RNs, OTs and PTs Provide multiple touch points for all candidates Each market has their own brand or there is limited brand recognition ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. THE ACCENTCARE CHALLENGE! 5. OUR APPROACH Huddle Time Objective? Audience? Prep Work? Marketplace brand Site, Resource, and Candidate Experience Create the plan Market The Event Signage, Flyer, and Creative Development Program Promotion, Incentives and Social Strategies Targeted resource identification, project outreach and communications plan Candidate Outreach &amp; Follow Up Screening, Scheduling, and Interviewing Virtual Interviews Pre-event Outreach, Post Event Outreach, &amp; Survey Management ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 6. THINGS WE CONSIDER ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 7. MESSAGING &amp; ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR THE RIGHT POPULATION ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 8. Mobil optimized solutions Provide multiple paths to contact a recruiter Provide an opportunity to participate in the career fair virtually Be available during non work hours Send reminders by phone, email and interactive media If they travel, know the territory covered ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT MARKETING TO NURSES Reputation makes a difference Direct contact with people like them are important Referrals are powerful 9. REPUTATION IMPACTS THE STRATEGY &amp; APPROACH ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 10. MARKETING WITH MEANING ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 11. CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE WORD! ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. Carefully crafted messages Clear calls to action Timing is critical Incorporating the business groups Mobile Text + Voice Broadcast + Instant Message + Email + Social Publishing 12. COMMUNICATE THE PLAN &amp; YOUR NEEDS VISUALLY! ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 13. THE DETAILS MATTER ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 14. REFINE AND SET THE PLAN IN MOTION ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 15. Working The Plan! JOB FAIR RESEARCH &amp; PLANNING ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 16. Set up the event Manage and track candidates Communicate and promote the event to candidates Create and manage interviewing schedules Manage vendors and rentals Coordinate resources and marketing collateral Report on progress ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. JOB / CAREER FAIR REGISTRATION AND PROMOTION 17. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE MEET? ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 18. MAKE INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION &amp; RESUME COLLECTION EASY Distribute information at job fairs Guide participants to register or submit resume at a special website Engage students and candidates who are on the go Link to social media engagement strategies Promote specialty job postings embedded in a creative campaign ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 19. SPECIAL TOUCHES ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 20. Job Fair CREATING POSITIVE IMPRESSIONS FOR FUTURE TOUCH POINTS BOTH IN PERSON &amp; VIRTUAL ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 21. CANDIDATE OUTREACH / THE JOB FAIR EXPERIENCE Every candidate touched Satisfaction survey delivered Multi-lingual capabilities ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. 22. EXECUTION EXCELLENCE: IN ANY EVENTS BASED HIRING EFFORT ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. Standard Operational Procedures Best Practices Clear Roles &amp; Responsibilities Budget Management 23. Relationship and trust building w/ lines of business Improving brand recognition to improve future hiring Building talent communities to build upon Linked to other short and long term talent acquisition strategies Employee referrals Veterans / diversity hiring outreach ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. IT IS MORE THAN MEASURING HIRES Status Format Purpose Day of the week Actual Launch Date Number of Recipeints Open Number / Rate 1-week later Microsite Clicks Total Click Throughs Bounce Number / Rate Opt-out Number / Rate Launched Email via Outlook AC Website, CA Career website, Job Fairs, Book My Interview, Facebook Wednesday 4/10/2013 3,782 660 (19%) 43 155 381 (10%) 36 (1%) Launched HTML Email via Constant Contact Job Fairs, Book My Interview, Email signature line, Hand out contact cards, Facebook Thursday 4/11/2013 659 83 (19%) 2 15 209 (32%) 0 (0%) Launched HTML Email via Constant Drive attendance at the Job Fairs Call to action to RSVP Tuesday 4/16/2013 3,469 401 (12%) 12 31 101 (3%) 5 spam reports Launched HTML Email via Constant Increase referrals and drive attendance to the Job Fairs Tuesday 4/16/2013 450 26 (6%) 1 2 1 (.2%) 0 (0%) Launched HTML Email via Constant Drive attendance to the Petaluma job fair Friday 4/19/2013 3,503 472 (13.9%) N/A 37 103 (2.9%) 22 (1%) Launched HTML Email via Constant Drive referrals and attendance to the Petaluma job fair Friday 4/19/2013 458 10 (2%) N/A 0 0 0 24. IMPROVING OUR PROGRAMS ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. PERCEPTION IS REALITY! Our surveys and feedback support continuous improvement 25. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT TRACEY FRIEND, VP DIRECT WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS TFRIEND@AGILE1.COM WWW.AGILE-1.COM ONE WORLD. ONE WORKFORCE. </p>