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InterviewEffective interview skills and techniques in finding the right candidate for right position

ContentsIce breakersInterview questionsDos and DontsRole Play

Ice Breakers

Why do we conduct interview with candidate?

It is because:We want to know more about the candidate.We need to find the right candidate

There must be Objective that we want to achieve through interview session.

How do we do it?

Interview questionsPlease share with me your past work experiences in chronological order?

-> Logic To see whether the candidate is able to tell you his/her past experiences logically.

-> Honesty To see whether what the candidate has stated in his/her CV matches what he/she is telling you.

Can you tell me how BL works?

-> Competency To see whether candidate is equipped with the relevant knowledge and/or skills required in position.

Do not ask direct question.But why??

Imagine if you go to the market and ask the fishmonger Is this fish good?No fishmonger will say This fish is going to rot.They would surely say Yes, this fish is fresh and the meat is sweet.

Interview questionsThe same is applicable to interview.

For example:Are you a very committed person?Are you able to work with all level of people?

Everyone will surely answer: Yes, I am a committed person. Yes, I can work with all level of people.

How then can we through the interview assess the candidate to get to know them??

By reading through the CV and the Employment Application Form to find clues.

For example:

If the position requires long working hours due to customer demand, you would then want to assess whether candidate can endure long working hours

Read through CV thoroughly. Pay special attention to the reason(s) of leaving for past jobs.If the reason stated is Could not cope with long working hours., it is a straight forward situation.At times, reason(s) may implied that candidate could not cope with long working hours.For example Too many OT hours needed to be performed.; Want to spend time with my family. etc.If reason(s) are not stated in the CV, you can post question such as Can you tell me the reason(s) why you left this job?Candidate may answer you because I dont like long working hours.

Remember Do not ask direct question.

If candidate is asked Can you endure long working hours?, expect Yes, I can as candidate is keen to take up the job.

You should therefore ask questions through a conversation which would lead the candidate in telling the truth.

Dos and DontsBad example:

Lack of interaction with candidate; looking at CV without any eye contact with candidate.

Interview in an authoritative manner.

Avoid asking unprofessional question e.g. Do you have boyfriend?

Whistle during interview and speaking to candidate like talking to a friend.

Eat sweet or chewing gum during interview.

Even if you are busy or bothered by other job, you should not show your impatience to the candidate.

Interviewer represents company and must uphold companys image.

Unprofessional way of conducting interview will give negative impression of company to the candidate.

Such negative impression will spread through words of mouth.

Candidate will not apply for the position even though Agents has recommended the position because of negative impression formed about the company.

-> Opportunity lost.

What should we do?

Respect candidate.

Study the CV before the actual interview. If this is not done, candidate may doubt companys interest in him/her.

Conduct interview with smile.Remember, the objective of the interview is to get to know the candidate. If you are not able to create an atmosphere for candidate to open their mind, you are wasting time.

Half of the interview time is used to access candidate. The other half should be spend in explaining the kind of candidate the company is looking for; and the companys expectations from the candidate after onboarding.

Same set of questions should be asked to every candidate applying for the same position.In this way, we would be able to compare candidates in a fair and consistent manner.

Role Play

The End