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  • 1. Concrete Sidewalks Plant: Yucca Term: Concrete
  • 2. Yucca Spanish Dagger
    • Plant type: Shrub
    • USDA Hardiness Zones: 6a to 11a
    • Height: 4-6
    • Exposure: partial shade to full sun
    • Bloom Color: White in summer
    • Growth Rate: slow
    • Moisture: xeriscopic
    • Landscape Uses: Massing, Specimen
    • North American native, Attracts butterflies, Fragrant flowers, Blooms are very showy
  • 3. Concrete
    • A mixture of cement, sand, aggregate, and water in specific proportions that hardens to a strong stony consistency
    • Premixed concrete comes in many forms
      • Quick setting
      • Crack resistant built in fiber does not require rebar
      • High strength
      • Comes in 40, 60 & 80 lb bags
  • 4. Cool Looks in Concrete
  • 5. Steps to pouring a concrete pad
    • Mark the area with stakes and masons string.
    • Remove the sod at least 6 deep and 6 past the outside lines
  • 6. Steps to pouring a concrete pad
    • Fill the area with 2 of compacted base. Tamp with a tamper to prevent settling
    • Some people do this after they build the form
  • 7. Build and install forms made of 2 X 4 lumber set on edge
    • Position them so the inside edges line up with the strings, then drive 1 X 3 stakes next to the forms at 3' intervals.
    • Attach the stakes to the forms with nails for easy removal.
    • Use a carpenter's level to make sure the forms are level to one another (from side to side), but fall at least 1/8" in 10' along the walk.
  • 8. Isolation Board
    • Glue an isolation board (expansion joint) to steps, the house foundation, or other permanent structures that adjoin the walkway.
  • 9. Rebar
    • Reinforce the walkway with rebar or welded wire mesh
  • 10. Control Joints
    • Mark locations for control joints (to be cut by a groover later) by tacking nails to the outside faces of the forms, spaced roughly at 3 ft. intervals.
  • 11. Mixing
    • Mix concrete according to package instructions
    • Consistency should be like mashed potatoes.
    • Make sure you mix all the way to the bottom
  • 12. Pouring
    • Pour the concrete in the forms.
    • Use a screed board to level the concrete.
    • Run a spade along the inside edges of the form, then rap the outside edges of the forms with a hammer to help settle to concrete.
  • 13. Finishing Concrete
    • Smooth the surface with a wood float
    • Precut control joints at marked locations using a trowel and a straightedge.
    • Run an edger against the forms.
  • 14. Texture or Color
    • Brush concrete with a push broom or stamp with a form
    • If you want to stain the concrete, do it now
    • Cover with plastic and allow it to cure for 5-7 days

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