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Concierge Services

Delivers Superior Security SpecialistsConcierge Services

Providing The Highest Standards of ServiceConcierge Services in London thrives to provide the highest standards of service with expertly trained, licensed, highly accredited security specialists.

Concierge Services in London provides Professional Security Services Specialists experienced with health and safety requirements, aggression, legal and environmental issues.

Assuring Excellence with Open Communication

Concierge Services in London encourages open communication when assessing client requirements and requests for managed Professional Security Services Specialists and assuring everyone has a detailed understanding of what is expected.

Concierge security and Customized Services

Concierge Services in London satisfies demanding security challenges fulfilling specialized needs and customized services.Concierge Services are ready to professionally assist in locating other services such as corporate cleaning, property maintenance and janitorial supplies.

Efficient And Confidential Satisfaction

Corporate management, business owners, home owners, celebrities, event planners and all security coordinators who are seeking managed professional security services can reach an attentive security services team member and comprehensive Concierge Services 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Contact Us:To book a FREE consultation, please contact 1GS Security Services on 020 7724 4478 ; or via email at Our team are available to discuss your specific security needs 24/7.