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  • 1. Concept

2. What is meaning? Word having a kind of mind reflection/ understanding / concept 3. Theories Sign theory of Ferdinand De Saussure The Ogden and Richards (1923) semiotic triangle 4. De Saussures Sign Theory The linguistics sign consists of a signifier and a signified 5. De Saussures theory Sign Theory signifiedsignifier 6. De Saussures theory Signifier Language Word Sound image Signified World Object Things 7. The Ogden and Richards (1923) semiotic triangle There is no direct link between symbol and referent. Classification need not be natural or universal but conceptual. 8. The Ogden and Richards (1923) semiotic triangle 9. A psychological associative bond When we think of a name we think of a concept and vice versa. Meaning consist of our ability of association. It means the word tree refers to the concepts tree. Visualization; utterly impossible 10. Why visualization is not possible? Visualization at every word is impossible It is a very slow process when you visualize every spoken word It is unnatural and impossible Visual picture can be different in everyones mind 11. Visualization Abstract Concept- we are not concerned with a particular meaning of a word Horse in the lawn Ghost in the machine 12. Three reasons of rejection: Nothing can be said by moving meaning back one step to the brain or the mind. 13. Three reasons of rejection: Subjective view (Personal, inaccessible) There is no permanent concept regarding a word sound. Every one can develop his own concept according to his mind and experience about the same word. There is no scientific investigation of mind what does it think about a word. 14. Three reasons of rejection: The arguments about Intuition and introspection are irrelevant.(every body have not the intuition) 15. Conclusion Mirror image is not fixed one. It vary according to understanding All concepts are very deeper


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