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<ul><li> 1. CONNECTED EUROPEHow smartphones and tablets are shiftingmedia consumption Linda Abraham, CMO comScoreRen Schuster, CEO Telefnica Germany</li></ul> <p> 2. Cross-platform consumption has createda vastly different landscape The Rise of smartphones and tablets. Apple demonstrated leadershipKey Players in the fragmented mobile ecosystemMobile Media is boomingConnected device traffic is gaining share of overall trafficApples halo continues to expand with the iPadwith mobile commerce taking off andreshaping expectations for the retail industry 3. THE RISE OF SMARTPHONESEU5 LEADS THE US Source: comScore MobiLens, EU5 and US, 3 mon. avg. ending Oct 2011 4. ANDROID GOES MAINSTREAM 5. TABLETS NOT JUST FOR MOBILE USERSPercent of Mobile Owners That Also Own TabletSource: comScore MobiLens, 3 mon. avg. ending Oct 2011 EU56.6%ES 8.8%IT6.9%FR 6.8% UK6.2% DE 5.4% 6. APPLE ECOSYSTEM TAKES TOP SPOT FORTOTAL DEVICES IN USE OS Market Share Audience Source: comScore MobiLens, EU5, 3 mon. avg. ending Oct 2011 Other4% Microsoft5%Apple iOS RIM Google Android Apple 8%30%SymbianRIMSmartphonesSymbianTablets26%Microsoft Other Devices (iPod Touch)Other Android27%0 10,000 20,00030,00040,000Users (000) 7. MOBILE MEDIA CONSUMPTION ON THE UP 8. MOBILE LEADS BUT TABLETS GAINING STEAM 9. TABLET USAGE SPIKES AT NIGHT 10. APPLES HALO CONTINUES TO SHINE WITH THE iPAD Tablet Ownership Amongst Smartphone OwnersSource: comScore MobiLens, EU5, 3 mon. avg. ending Oct 2011 11. MOBILE RETAIL USAGE IS ACCELERATING 12. YOUNG MALES DRIVING MOBILE RETAILDemographic Profile of Mobile Retail Users by IndexSource: comScore MobiLens, EU5, 3 mon. avg. ending Oct 2011 Male 125 Female 7513-17 13018-2420025-3417535-44 11645-54 5855+ 29 Index of 100 indicates average representation 13. SMARTPHONES OPEN UP A WHOLENEW WORLD FOR CONSUMERSE-commerce and Related Services Accessed by % of Smartphone UsersSource: comScore MobiLens, EU5, 3 mon. avg. ending Oct 2011Accessed bank accounts20.3Accessed online retail 13.9 Accessed electronic payments 12.1Accessed shopping guides 10.9 Accessed credit cards 10.6Used deal-a-day10.1 14. ... AND BECOMES AN IN-STORE SHOPPING TOOL Top Activities Performed in a Retail Store by % of Smartphone UsersSource: comScore MobiLens, EU5, 3 mon. avg. ending Oct 2011 Took picture of a product 21.8Texted or called friends/family about a14.9 productScanned a product barcode10.9Sent picture of product to family/friends 10.1Found store location6.6 Compared product prices6.4Researched product features 4.5 Found coupons or deals3.9Checked product availability 2.4 15. Connected EuropeDownload a complimentary copy of the Email worldpress@comscore.comor reach out on Twitter @comScoreEMEA </p>