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    Internet and Trends in

    Communication Technology

    Made by: Harshit Gupta10-C

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    Technology - Meaning ● Communication technology is range of

    technologies used for gathering, storing, retrieving, processing, analyzing, and

    transmitting information. This includes personalcomputers, mobile phones, the internet etc. ● It refers to electronic systems used for

    communication between individuals or groups. It facilitates communication between individuals or groups who may be at di erent physical locations. Communication technology may include systems such as telephones, fax, radio and e-mail.

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    Technology in communication ● In the modern times,

    communication and technology are very closely related.

    ● Telephone, television and internet have become an integral part of day to day life.

    It has become impossible forinstitutions to run without the modern technology.

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    INTERNET The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link several billion devices

    worldwide. It is a network ofnetworks that consists of millions of private public academic business and government networks of local to global scope that are linked by a broad array of electronic wireless and optical networking technologies.

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    The internet then known as !"P!#$T was brought online in %&'& under a contract led by

    the renamed !dvanced "esearch Pro ects !gency which initially connected ma or

    computers at universities in the south western*+. It was a result of some visionary thinking by

    people in the early %&',s.They saw great

    potential value in allowing computers to shareinformation on research and development.

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    TELEC MM!"IC#TI " ● Telecommunications involves the use of electrical

    devices such as the telegraph, telephone, and teleprinter, as well as the use of radio and microwave communications, as well as ber optics

    and their associated electronics, plus the use of theorbiting satellites and the Internet ● The non-electric telegraph was invented by Claude

    Chappe in !"#$. ● In !%, a crude telegraph was invented in 'avaria

    by (amuel (oemmering.

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    Computer ● ) computer is a general purpose device that

    can be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operations

    automatically. (ince a se*uence of operations can be readily changed, the computer can solve more than one +ind of problem.

    ● The simplest form of a computer was an abacus, which helped in doing arithmetic calculations.

    ● ossibly the most signi cant of those shifts was the invention of the raphical ser

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    $i%ersity in physical in&rastructure and high speed

    broadband net'or(s

    Developments in the diversity of physical infrastructure and broadband speed signal more choice, variety and increasing bandwidth. There

    are multiple distribution channels for professional content- mobile, IP-based, terrestrial and satellite broadcasting. Network access arrangements are likely to be a mi of open or shared access and

    closed systems.

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    %.Broadband - It is a class of data transmission technologies,

    including optic - bre, x1(2, 3C4 cable and wireless, o ering a

    data rangesigni cantly higher than narrowband


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    ther e)amples o& di%ersity in physical

    in&rastructures- ● Digital broadcasting ● Smart radio systems- cognitive and

    software defined radio ● Sensor networks ● Mesh networks

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    *ireless Technology ● 5ireless communication is the transfer of

    information between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor.

    ● The most common wireless technologies use radio. 5ith radio waves distances can be short, such as a few meters for television or as far as thousands or even millions of +ilometers for deep-space radio communications. It encompasses various types of xed, mobile, and portable applications, including two-way radios, cellular telephones, personal digital assistants / 1)s0, and wireless networ+ing.

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    It started with the discovery of 6radio waves6 - electromagnetic waves that have the capacity to transmit music, speech, pictures and other data invisibly through the air.

    uglielmo 7arconi, an Italian inventor, proved the feasibility of radio communication. 3e sent and received his rst radio signal in Italy in !%#8.

    'y !%## he 9ashed the rst wireless signal across the :nglish Channel and two years later received the letter 6(6, telegraphed from :ngland to ;ewfoundland. This was the rst successful transatlantic radiotelegraph message in !#&

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    ldest and latest +adio

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    It is a telecommunication medium that is used for transmitting and receiving moving images and sound. In a broader sense, television can also refer to images that are monochrome (black-and-white) or color, or images with or without accompanying sound.

    Television may also refer speci cally to a television set, television program, or television transmission.

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    ldest and latest


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    obile devices and social media are

    reshaping how and when we communicatewith one another using the tools and devices we use both in business and private life. The way we interact with computers is no longer

    restricted to graphical interfaces and keyboards, but it is being e!tended through touch screens, voice interfaces and dialogue

    systems, and mobile devices with accelerometers that tell the device how it is

    held by the user.

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    Presentation made by -

    Harshit Gu ta !"-C

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