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Computer NetworkingUnit portfolio presentation Huma GhaniUnit summaryThe Computer network is on! Compete with classrooms from other regions to see which collaborative team can do networking of two computer labs. Controlling for certain variables (using cabels and switches ), seven or eight teams in each classroom design the sample of networking on a drawing board and investigate the different types of networking. Students collect the information into a newsletter that describes the project, their group computer networking, and facts about networking.Curriculum-Framing QuestionsEssential Question How can we contect with each other?Unit Questions Which devices are use to connect each other? Content Questions How computer network is involved to communicate with each other?Describe the three main types of cables?How many types of computer networks are there?Computer Networking ProjectThis project will help my students develop 21stcentury skills by:Collaborating with different devices.Analyzing data about networking and drawing conclusions to answer Unit QuestionsSolving problems and making decisions about their experiment.Communicating with others in a newsletter.Gauging Student Needs AssessmentPurpose of the AssessmentTo gather information about what students already know and what they wonder about networking. What I want to learn from my students?I want to find out what they already know about the Unit Questions and what they know about different types of cables or devices .How I have tried to promote higher-order thinking?I ask students to find relationships and draw conclusions about computer networking.How the assessment information helps me and my students plan for upcoming activities in the unit?If students have misconceptions about how to set up experiments, I can provide broushers of networking. If students have different levels of understanding about the importance of networking, I can provide various resources. We will revisit this assessment throughout the unit for students to add their knowledge.What feedback or additional ideas Id like?I would like help on my assessment. I think I need to elicit more higher-order thinking, but Im not sure how.My Goals for the CourseFind ways to get my students more interested in learning computer scienceLearn about different kinds of technology my students and I can useShare ideas with other teachersGoals for My StudentsTo learn how computer networking engineers collect and think about data.To become more independent learnersRequest for FeedbackPlaces I could find a classroom in a different climate for my students to work with different devices.Ideas for helping students take more responsibility for their own learning