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This ppt is on computer networking ,their applications in today's worl,their benefits and a video on networking and what happens in the world in one minute of networking


  • 1. FOR WHAT ??? Why Computer Network??

2. Gives you Easiness No distance Mobility Has Efficiency Hassle free file sharing Resource sharing Faster Communication and collaboration Easy Remote access Better Data protection Computer Networking Benefits 3. 4. Router, Switch, Hub, Modem , Gateway , Switch Networking devicesNetworking devices 5. Computer Networks Computer network connects two or more autonomous computers. The computers can be geographically located anywhere. 6. Applications E-mail Searchable Data (Web Sites) E-Commerce News Groups Video Conferencing Chat Groups Instant Messengers Internet Radio Industries 7. Network Topologies 9 8. Networking Media Networking media can be defined simply as the means by which signals (data) are sent from one computer to another (either by cable or wireless means). 9. Networking Media Types Wired Wireless 10. 11. Computer Network Jibin Joseph