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DESCRIPTION SUMMARY SLIDES: A computer consulting firm needs a risk management plan that identifies risks to your IT consultancy and considers options for mitigating them Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.


  • 1. Computer Consulting Firm Needs a RiskManagement Plan Courtesy of the Small Business Computer Consulting Blog Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr elisasizzle
  • 2. Sponsored by Take Some Time to Identify any Major Risks to the Success of Your Business
  • 3. Sponsored by Simple Enough for Even the One Person IT Consultancy
  • 4. Sponsored by Scale Down the Elements of a Full-scale Plan with a Simple Exercise
  • 5. Sponsored by Think Through the Events that Could Be a Major Detriment to Your Operations
  • 6. Sponsored by And then Consider Options for Mitigating Them
  • 7. Sponsored by Having Thought Through Some Worst Case Scenarios Allows You to
  • 8. Sponsored by Take Some Steps Now to Minimize the Effects Should they Arise
  • 9. Sponsored by Two Examples
  • 10. Sponsored by For Example, Two Common Critical Risks for an IT Consultancy Would be:
  • 11. Sponsored by What if You Get Sick
  • 12. Sponsored by Unexpected Expenses
  • 13. Sponsored by Childcare
  • 14. Sponsored by Add to Your Plan Other Risks that Your Computer Consulting Firm Might Face
  • 15. Sponsored by If Youre the Primary Parent, You Will Need a Back-up Babysitter
  • 16. Sponsored by Ask Other Working Dads and Moms for Referrals Now
  • 17. Sponsored by Planning for Those Risks Now Can Pay off for You Later
  • 18. Sponsored by Do You Have a Formal Risk Management Plan for Your IT Consultancy?
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