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    Computational Science and Engineering



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  • springer.comspringer.comComputational Science and Engineering

    Monographs in Computational Science and EngineeringSeries Editors: T. Barth, M. Griebel, D. Keyes, R. Niemien, D. Roose, T. Schlick

    This series contains monographs with a long life-time covering topics described by the term compu-tational science and engineering. This includes theoretical aspects of scientific computing such as

    mathematical modeling, optimization methods, discretization techniques, multiscale approaches, fast solution algorithms, parallelization, and visual-ization methods as well as the application of these approaches throughout the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, earth sciences, and economics.

    Computing the Electrical Activity in the HeartJ. Sundnes, G. T. Lines, X. Cai, B. F. Nielsen, K. Mardal, A. Tveito, Simula Research Laboratory, Lysaker, Norway

    This book describes mathematical models and numerical techniques for simulating the electrical activity in the heart. The book gives an introduction to the most important models of the field, followed by a detailed description of numerical techniques for the models. Particular focus is on efficient numerical methods for large scale simulations on both scalar and parallel computers. The results

    presented in the book will be of particular interest to researchers in bioengineering and computational biology, who face the challenge of solving these complex mathematical models efficiently. The book will also serve as a valuable introduction to a new and exciting field for computational scientists and applied mathematicians.

    2006. XII, 312 p. (Monographs in Computational Science and Engineering, Volume 1) HardcoverISBN 978-3-540-33432-3 7 69,95 | 54.00

    Texts in Computational Science and EngineeringNumerical Simulation in Molecular DynamicsNumerics, Algorithms, Parallelization, Applications

    M. Griebel, University of Bonn, Germany; S. Knapek, TWS Partners, Munich, Germany; G. Zumbusch, Univer-sity of Jena, GermanyTranslated by Bernhard Hientzsch, New York, USA

    Particle models play an important role in many applications in physics, chemistry and biology. They can be studied on the computer with the help of molecular dynamics simulations. This book presents in detail both the necessary numerical methods and techniques (linked-cell method, SPME-method, tree codes, multipol technique) and the theoretical back-ground and foundations. It illustrates the aspects modelling, discretization, algorithms and their

    parallel implementation with MPI on computer systems with distributed memony. Furthermore, detailed explanations were given to the different steps of numerical simulation and code examples are provided. With the description of the algorithms and the presentation of the results of various simula-tions from the areas material science, nanotech-nology, biochemistry and astrophysics, the reader of this book will be able to write his own programms for molecular dynamics step by step and to run successful experiments.

    2007. Approx. 500 p. (Texts in Computational Science and Engineering, Volume 5) HardcoverISBN 978-3-540-68094-9 7 approx. 39,95 | 38.50


  • Computational Science and Engineering

    Design Patterns for e-ScienceH. Gardner, Australian National University, Canberra, NSW, Australia; G. Manduchi, Consorzio RFX, Padova, Italy

    This book is centered around a case study in soft-ware development in e-Science using the Java programming language. A graphical front-end for browsing and visualising scientific waveform data is progressively refactored using important design patterns for object-oriented software. The final

    product is ready for porting onto the Grid. Object-oriented design patterns are taught in a real-world context which is relevant to computational science. A comprehensive CD of the case study accompanies the book.

    2007. XX, 388 p. 60 illus.,with CD-ROM. Also available online. (Texts in Computational Science and Engineering, Volume 4) HardcoverISBN 978-3-540-68088-8 7 49,95 | 38.50

    Python Scripting for Computational ScienceH. P. Langtangen, Simula Research Laboratory, Lysaker, and University of Oslo, Norway

    The goal of this book is to teach computational scientists how to develop tailored, flexible, and human-efficient working environments built from small programs (scripts) written in the easy-to-learn, high-level language Python. The focus is on examples and applications of relevance to compu-tational scientists: gluing existing applications and tools, e.g. for automating simulation, data analysis, and visualization; steering simulations and compu-tational experiments; equipping old programs with

    graphical user interfaces; making computational Web applications; and creating interactive inter-faces with a Maple/Matlab-like syntax to numerical applications in C/C++ or Fortran. All the tools and examples in this book are open source codes. The second edition features new material, reorganiza-tion of text, improved examples and tools, updated information, and correction of errors.

    2nd ed. 2006. XXIV, 736 p. 62 illus. (Texts in Computa-tional Science and Engineering, Volume 3) HardcoverISBN 978-3-540-29415-3 7 49,95 | 38.50


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    Scientific Computing with MATLAB and OctaveA. Quarteroni, Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Laus-anne, Switzerland; F. Saleri, MOX-Politecnico di Milano, Italy

    This textbook is an introduction to Scientific Computing, in which several numerical methods for the computer solution of certain classes of mathematical problems are illustrated. The authors show how to compute the zeros or the integrals of continuous functions, solve linear systems, approxi-mate functions by polynomials and construct accu-rate approximations for the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. To make the presen-tation concrete and appealing, the programming environments Matlab and Octave, which is freely distributed, are adopted as faithful companions. The book contains the solutions to several problems posed in exercises and examples, often originating from specific applications. A speci


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