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1. SET 1 Read the dialogue below carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Mable meets a new friend in the school canteen. Penny : Hello, Im Penny. Whats your name? Mable : Hi, Im Mable. Are you a new girl here? Penny : Yes,I am. Mable : Where were you from? Penny : Kuching. We moved here last week. Im staying at No. 49, Taman Ceria. Mable : Oh, it is near my house. Im staying at No. 30. Penny : Is it the house with many beautiful sunflowers opposite the post office? Mable : Yes,it is. Penny, would you like to go to the bookshop on Friday morning? Penny : That would be nice! I havent been there. How do we get there? Mable : We can cycle there. It is between a hospital and a restaurant. Penny : All right. Ill wait for you at the playground at 10.00 oclock. Mable : All right. 1. The above conversation most probably took place___________. A. in a bookshop B. over the telephone C. in the classroom D. in the school canteen 2. 2. Where is Mables house? A. near the bookshop B. opposite the hospital C. opposite the restaurant D. opposite the post office 3. How do they go to the bookshop? A. on foot B. drive a car C. take a bus D. ride on bicycles 4. Which of the following is incorrect? A. Mable and Penny are sisters. B. Mable is staying in Taman Ceria. C. They are going to the bookshop on Friday morning. D. They will meet at the playground at 10.00 am. 5. When Penny said, That would be nice!, she meant that A. she would like to go to the playground. B. she would like to grow sunflowers. C. she would like to go to the bookshop. D. she would like to cycle. 3. SET 2 Read the passage below carefully and then answer the questions that follow. 1. Encik Rahmans family is the writers _____________ A. family B. enemy C. relative D. neighbour 2. Who are their two children? A. Aini and Amran. B. Aini and Puan Siti. C. Amran and Encik Rahman. D. Puan Siti and Encik Rahman.. 3. What does Puan Siti usually like to do? A. Baking B. Cycling C. Shopping D. Watching television I live next door to Encik Rahmans family. They are Encik Rahman, Puan Siti and their two children, Aini and Amran. Encik Rahman and Puan Siti are my parents good friends. They often come overto joinusfor tea.Puan Siti usuallybringsalongthe deliciouscakesandcookiesthatshe bakes. Best of all, their two children are my best friends. We go cycling, play computer games and badminton together. During the holidays, we would go to the orphanage. We bring along some toys for them.We alsohelpthemwiththeirschool work.We are close to each other.Soare our parents. 4. 4. Where do they usually go during the holidays? A. Picnic B. Camping C. Orphanage D. Old folks home 5. What do neighbours usually do when they meet? A. Sing together. B. Dance together. C. Talk to each other. D. Shout at each other. 5. SET 3 Read the diary entries below carefully and answer the questions that follow. MY DIARY May 2011 13 Teachers Day this Wednesday. Discussed gifts to get for teachers. 14 Shopped for the wind chimes and wrapping paper with Cindy. Spent RM50 for 6 items. 15 Wrapped presents. Designed and printed Teachers Day cards on PC. 16 Teachers Day today. Assembled in hall. Presented gifts and cards to Miss Chong and other teachers. Concert followed by party for teachers. Ice cream treat for everyone. 1. How many pupils went to buy the present? A. One B. Two C. Six D. The whole class 2. When did they buy the presents? A. On Sunday B. On Monday C. On Tuesday D. On Wednesday 3. The first thing the pupils did on Teachers Day was A. to gather at the hall B. to present a concert C. to get an ice cream each D. to present gifts to the teacher 4. The expression other teachers refers to 6. A. the teachers on duty. B. all teachers in the school. C. the teachers teaching the writers class. D. the headmaster and the senior assistant. 5. The pupils gave the teachers presents to show that A. they understand their lessons well. B. they admire the teachers very much. C. they appreciate the teachers hard work. D. they want to be friends with the teachers. SET 4 7. Read the story and answer the questions that follow. 1. Mr. Sami had to drive along a quiet road to A. his home B. the roadside C. the police station D. his friends house 2. The phrase abandoned car shows that the car was A. damaged B. stolen by someone C. driven away by someone D. left somewhere and no longer needed 3. What actually happened to Mr. Lims car? A. Mr. Lim lent it to a friend. B. He lost it one his way home. C. It was stolen two days ago. D. Mr. Sami borrowed it for a few days. 4. Arrange the sentences in the correct order. One morning, Mr. Sami was on his way home from his office. He was driving along a quiet road. Suddenly he saw an abandoned car by the roadside. He immediately recognised it. It belonged to his neighbor, Mr. Lim. Mr. Sami was curious, so he stopped his car beside the road too. He went over to check what happened. The car was not locked and Mr. Lim was not anywhere nearby. Mr. Sami immediately made a call to the police station. In the evening, Mr. Lim went over to Mr. Samis house. He informed his neighbor that his car was stolen two days ago. He thanks Mr. Sami for spotting his car. He also told his neighbor that he had lost a computer laptop and some cash which he kept in his car. 8. W - Mr. Sami spotted Mr. Lims car. X - Mr. Lim was grateful to his caring neighbour. Y - Mr. Sami made a report to the police. Z - He went to check the car. A. W , X , Y , Z B. W , Z , Y , X C. X , Y , Z , W D. Y , Z , W , X 5. What did Mr. Lim keep in his car that were stolen? A. Some money and jewellery B. The CD set and a computer laptop C. A computer laptop and some money D. A briefcase of documents and some cash SET 5 9. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. 1 Which places use the most water? A Schools and hotels B Homes and schools C Schools and factories D Large factories and hotels 2 The following are ways to save water except A check leaks in taps B having posters in toilets C having bath tubs in hotels D organizing water-saving campaign 3 The phrases time and time again means Do you know how much water your family uses in a month? A lot? Imagine the amount of water that factories and hotels use. Some factories use about 120 million litres of water per month. Schools also use a lot of water. It is important that schools educate the students on the importance of saving water. They should have water-saving campaign at the beginning of every school year. Students must be aware that by saving water, money is saved for the use of important things like welfare aids, scholarship and other projects. Posters on water-saving should be displayed in toilets. This is to remind students to return off the taps after use. Taps should always be checked to make sure there is no leak. Besides this, schools should help to inculcate water-saving habits in their homes too. Students are reminded time and time again not to leave taps running. Habits like turning the tap off while brushing teeth and soaping themselves during showers will save millions of litres of water in a year. Hotels should have only showers and no bath tubs to conserve water. There are many ways we can save water, if everyone does their bit, it will make a world of difference. 10. A always B seldom C occasionally D never 4 The amount of money saved in schools water bills, A students get to use less water. B students do not have to save water anymore. C more money can be used for aids, scholarship and other projects. D schools do not have to organize anymore water-saving campaigns. 5 Why must everyone do their bit to save water? A Water is not of any value B Water is important to us. C Water can be replaced. D Water is limitless SET 6 11. Study the bar chart below carefully and answer the questions that follow. 1 From the bar chart,the most popular hobby the Year 6 pupils of SJK( C )Yuk Choy is A playing computer B playing football C gardening D reading 2 According to the survey,the least liked hobby is A fishing B gardening C collecting stamps D playing badminton 3 How many pupils enjoy collecting stamps? A 100 B 200 C 300 D 400 4 Which two hobbies are enjoyed by the same number of pupils? 12. A Fishing and gardening B Gardening and reading C Playing computer and reading D Playing badminton and football 5 How many types of hobbies enjoyed by pupils are surveyed? A Five B Six C Seven D Eight 13. ANSWERS NO. SET 1 SET 2 SET 3 SET 4 SET 5 SET 6 1 A D B A D D 2 D A B D C B 3 D A A C A D 4 A C C B C D 5 C C C C B C