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<ol><li> 1. My Last and My Next Birthday In my next birthday party 18th, Im going to prepare one grand party in my house, I will decorate my house; the thematic of the party will be of masks so no one knows who the other persons. In my last birthday I spent with my parents and my family, we went for a walk and went to eat at a restaurant called "El Coyote". In my next birthday Im going to go to shopping to buy lots and lots of clothes in the shops of Sahara, Pool, Bershka and many others. In my last birthday I was given only a blouse and a pair of shoes. Also in my next birthday I will learn to drive and take out my drivers license so that my parents would give away a car. In my next birthday I have planned many things like going to nightclubs, going to go parties,I will have a boyfriend, I will come to the university, I will go to eat with my friends onVips, El Portn, and do many, many things that I did on my last birthday.</li></ol>