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Egypt, as a unified country, is believed to have been created about 3,200BCE, though it is known that a civilisation existed here since the Neolithic period (8,800-4,700BCE) and perhaps as far back as the Palaeolithic period, though much of the dating of this period was done by uncalibrated radiocarbon dating. Read more @


<ul><li><p>Most interesting place in Egypt - Dont miss to visit </p><p>Things to see in Egypt - Dont miss to visit </p><p> The Land of Pharos </p><p>The country of Egypt is located in the continent of Africa. It is officially known as Arab Republic of </p><p>Egypt and is located in the north-east of the continent. Egypt is also called a Middle-East country. </p><p>Egyptian civilization goes back thousands of years and once was the most powerful and prosperous </p><p>civilization of the world. The remains of the civilization and their legacy have attracted tourists from all </p><p>over the world for centuries. </p></li><li><p> Relive the History </p><p>As a visitor, you would like to travel through the length and breadth of Egypt. Such is the beauty of this </p><p>land. People keep coming back to Egypt to see something new. Tourists ask about newly excavated site, </p><p>or if any new tomb has recently been uncovered, they are never short of questions. Site seeing in Egypt is </p><p>an absolute thriller!! If you are not sure of the places to visit, get in touch with Egypt Tour &amp; Travel. </p><p> Majestic Egypt </p><p>As I have told earlier, the entire country of Egypt is full of interesting places. However, out of these, there </p><p>are some which stands out and as a tourist, you must visit them. Egypt Tour &amp; Travel would arrange the </p><p>entire trip for you. </p><p>a) The Giza Pyramids and Sphinx This site is rated among the top. Here you will find three main </p><p>Pyramids. These Pyramids were built in the 4th Dynasty. These Pyramids were built as graves for Kings </p><p>and other royal family members. </p><p>b) The Egyptian Museum - The Egyptian Museum is located at Tahrir square in Cairo. It was moved </p><p>from Boulak to Giza and then to the present location. It has a collection of ancient Egyptian civilization. </p><p>Here you will find the mummy of Tutankhamen. Valley of the Kings It is located in Luxor. The valley </p><p>is hidden behind cliffs. It used to be a secret location as the Egyptian kings were buried here. </p><p>c) Temple of Luxor It is considered to be one of the oldest temples. It was built right at the center of </p><p>the city of Luxor. </p></li><li><p>d) Karnak Temple It was built 2000 years ago. It is a city of temples. This centuries old place is one of </p><p>the wonders of the world and it shows the level of perfection the ancient Egyptians attained, in the field of </p><p>engineering and architecture. </p><p>e) The Castle of Saladin It is located at the center of the city of Cairo and is one of the major tourist </p><p>attractions. </p><p>f) The Pompeii Pillar It is the biggest memorial column in Egypt. This huge column is made of red </p><p>granite. Its length is about 28 m with a diameter of 2.7 m. </p></li><li><p> There are other very interesting place which you would love to visit, but the above mentioned ones has to </p><p>be at the top of your priority list. Egypt Tour &amp; Travel will give you an experience of your life time. </p><p>Meditation is the spiritual way to discover the preserved power that exists inside every human </p><p>being and how to develop it. It's an unbelievable sensation and high degrees of feelings which </p><p>allow you in your daily life getting a different visualization than usual that most of you is </p><p>missing these days. The degree of power varies from person to person. By gaining internal </p><p>peace, we will gain everything else. </p><p> The ancient Egyptians have selected the best enchanted power places to build on it with a very </p><p>special aspect as the great Pyramid of Giza and different temples situated in other parts of Egypt. That full magical place of power helps the human being to grow their inner peace and to </p><p>get full of it. </p></li><li><p> For more Information:- </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Contact Us </p><p>Building C 69 - office no 8 - third floor - Elshatr ElAsher - Zahraa El-Maadi Close </p><p>to Carrefour City </p><p>Center - Cairo Egypt </p><p>Phone: +202 29177378 </p><p>Mobile: +20 1066636822 - +20 1066636824 </p><p>Mail: </p><p>Website: </p></li></ul>