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Sheet11anticipate verbto expect something or prepare for something before it happensAre you anticipating a big crowd at the party tonight?anticipar, esperar1assertionnouna statement that you strongly believe is trueI don't agree with his assertion that men are safer drivers than women.afirmacin1believe wholeheartedly phraseto be completely sure about somethingI believe wholeheartedly that this plan will succeed.estar completamente convencido1choose wiselyphraseto make a good decision about somethingHe chose his staff wisely, and the company was a huge success.elegir sabiamente1clueless adjectvewithout any knowledge about a situation or subjectwithout any knowledge about a situation or subjectdesinformado1come back to haunt youidiomIf something you do comes back to haunt you, it has bad consequences at a later time.Her earlier lies have come back to haunt her now.regresar para atormentarte1courage in the face of an affliction phrasethe ability to stay brave even though you are sufferingDespite their problems, they remain positive and show courage in the face of affliction.valor ante el sufrimiento1critical thinking skillsphrasethe ability to analyse or evaluate information without letting feelings or opinions influence youMany people believe that that critical thinking skills should be taught in schools.capacidad de pensamiento crtico1enquiring mindphraseSomeone who has an enquiring mind always wants to find out about things.She had inherited her father's enquiring mind and was hungry for knowledge and information.mente inquisitiva1eye-openernounsomething that surprises you and teaches you new facts about life, people, etc.Living in another country can be a real eye-opener.revelacin1go to incredible lengths idiomto try extremely hard to achieve somethingShe went to incredible lengths to impress her friends.llegar a extremos increbles1hoodwinkverbto deceive or trick someoneHe hoodwinked us into agreeing.engatusar1lap up phrasal verbto accept or believe something with enthusiasmThey positively lapped up everything he said.acoger con entusiasmo1make a flying visit phraseto visit somebody for a short period of timeWe won't have time to stop long we're just making a flying visit on our way to Boston.hacer una visita relmpago1make an informed choice phraseto make a choice that is based on good informationThese leaflets will help you make an informed choice about your treatment.tomar una decisin fundamentada1mismatchnounan occasion when people or things are put together that are not suitable for each otherThere is a mismatch between the capacity of the airport and the large number of people wanting to fly from it.desajuste1out in all weathers phraseoutside whatever the weather is likeI wouldn't like to be a fisherman. They have to be out in all weathers to make a living.salir haga el tiempo que haga1perform a trick phraseto do a magic trick in order to entertain peopleI really liked it when he performed the trick of pulling a rabbit out of a hat.hacer un truco de magia1positive outlook phraseIf you have a positive outlook, you think the future is likely to be good.She has a positive outlook on life.actitud positiva1serendipitynounwhen you are lucky and find something interesting or valuable by chanceOur meeting was pure serendipity.hallazgo fortuito1set foot in phraseto go to or into a certain placeThat owner of that shop is so rude! I'm not seeting foot in there again.poner los pies en 1share a viewpoint phraseto have the same opinions about somethingWe don't agree on everything, but we share a viewpoint on what's best for the children.compartir un punto de vista1splitting headachephrasea very bad pain in your headI've got a splitting headache.terrible dolor de cabeza1suffer from stage fright phraseto be scared of performing in publicAlthough he has a lot of experience as an actor, he still suffers from stage fright.sufrir miedo escnico1well-intentioned adjectivewanting to have good effects, but sometimes having bad effects that were not expectedIt was well-intentioned plan, but it did more harm than good in the long run.bien intencionado2account for phrasal verbto be the reason or explanation for somethingThe recession accounts for the slow growth in the economy.justificar2biological diversity phrasethe range of different life forms living together in one placeThe destruction of the rainforest means there is less biological diversity in the Amazon.diversidad biolgica2budget constraints phraselimits to the amount of money that is available to spendWe can't afford a new photocopier because of the current budget constraints.limitaciones de presupuesto2completely thrown phrasevery surprised and confused, so that you do not know what to do or how to reactI was completely thrown by his questions and didn't know what to say.completamente desorientado2create wealth phraseto make people richerNew firms in the area are helping to create wealth.crear riqueza2die outphrasal verbto become more and more rare and then disappear completelyDinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago.extinguirse2facetnounone part of a subject, situation, etc. that has many partsShe has so many facets to her personality.aspecto, faceta2fail to take into account phraseto not consider or remember something when judging a situationWe failed to take into account the difficuty of persuading people to adopt these tener en cuenta2fulfil your potential phraseto achieve everything you are capable ofIf James fulfils his potential, he could become a professional actor.hacer realidad lo mucho que promete2get stuck inidiom(informal) to start doing something with energy and purposeWe showed them where the crates had to be moved to, and they got stuck in straight away.ponerse manos a la obra2have a detrimental effect phraseto affect something or someone in a bad waySmoking has a detrimental effect on your health. tener un efecto perjudicial2have limited prospects phraseto not have many opportunities Lack of education means that these young people have limited prospects.tener perspectivas limitadas2have the requisite skills phrase to have the skills that are needed in order to do something This training should give you the requisite skills to do the job.poseer las competencias necesarias2hold your own phraseto be as successful or capable as others in a certain situationElena can hold her own in any conversation on science.defenderse bien2impendingadjectiveAn impending event will happen soon and is usually bad or unpleasant.The high winds warned us of the impending hurricane.inminente2lack resources phraseto not have enough of something you needWe can't expand our business because we lack the financial resources.falta de recursos2language competence phrasethe ability to communicate in a language I lacked the language competence to study in Germany.competencia lingstica2lose touch with your roots phraseto lose contact with or forget about where you came fromPierre has lived abroad for so long that he has lost touch with his roots.olvidarte de tus races2make a conscious decision phraseto intentionally decide to do something I made a conscious decision to eat more healthy foods.adoptar una decisin meditada2make a fool of yourself phraseto make yourself look stupid in front of othersI really made a fool of myself when I couldn't remember her name.hacer el ridculo2produce substantial savings phraseto save a lot of money The new computer system should produce substantial savings. producir ahorros significativos2serve no useful purposephraseto not be useful for anythingNobody ever uses the college coffee machine. It really serves no useful servir para nada2settle into the area phraseto get used to a place where you have started to liveIt took Pavel a while to settle into the area, but now he has a lot of good friends here.estar bien establecido en la zona2shift away from phrasal verbto stop using something or doing somethingMany men are starting to shift away from these traditional roles.abandonar, alejarse de 2stand someone in good steadidiomto be useful to someone in the futureThis experience will stand you in good stead when you go to college.resultar muy til2up to scratchidiom(informal) reaching an acceptable standardYour last essay wasn't up to scratch.a la altura3adept adjectivehaving a natural ability to do something that needs skillShe's very adept at dealing with the media.hbil3attention spannounthe length of time that someone can keep their thoughts and interest fixed on somethingYoung children have a quite short attention span.intervalo de atencin3come to terms withphraseto gradually accept a situationYou're going to have to come to terms with the fact that you'll never make much money as an artist. asumir3cultivateverbto try to develop or improve somethingShe has cultivated an image as a tough negotiator.cultivar3digital technologyphraseequipment that uses a computerDigital technology has transformed the way we communicate with each other.tecnologa digital3discourage someone from doing sthphraseto try to persuade someone not to do somethingThe government launched a campaign to discourage people from smoking.disuadir a alguien de hacer algo3exert controlphraseto use your power to control someone or somethingThe teacher was unable to exert control over the class. ejercer control3feel valuedphraseto feel that people appreciate things that you doIt's important to make your staff feel valued. sentirse valorado3get things into perspectivephraseto think about a situation in a reasonable way that does not make it seem worse than it isIt really isn't that bad! You need to get things into perspective and stop complaining. poner las cosas en su sitio3have an aptitude forphraseto have a natural ability to do somethingSarah really has an aptitude for maths.tener aptitudes para3have a flair forphraseto have a natural ability to do somethingMarco has a flair for drawing.tener facilidad para3instil valuesphraseto influence someone so that they sha