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<ul><li><p>8/4/2019 Comparison of Christianity and Judaism</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Comparison of Christianity andJudaism</p><p>9 169 Email108Share289 </p><p>Christianity has a close relationship with Judaism, both historically and theologically. Jesus, the twelve disciples,</p><p>the author of most of the New Testament, and the members of the earliest Christian churches were all Jews. Jesus'</p><p>family followed Jewish customs and Jesus frequently quoted the Hebrew Bible. Jesus' followers believed him to be</p><p>the messiah, a Jewish figure predicted in the Jewish Bible.</p><p>Despite its Jewish origins, it was not long before Christianity regarded itself as something other than a new Jewish</p><p>sect. The first Christian council, convened by the apostles, concluded that pagan converts to Christianity did not have</p><p>to follow Jewish ritual laws. Soon, converts to Christianity were almost exclusively pagans and Christianity moved</p><p>further away from Judaism.</p><p>In the 2,000 years of history since Jesus, the relationship between Christianity and the ancient faith in which it is</p><p>rooted has often been strained. Christians have criticized Jews for rejecting Jesus as their messiah, and Jews have</p><p>criticized Christians for corrupting the concept of one God and following a false messiah. The New Testamant reports</p><p>that Jews were the first to persecute Christians, and after Christians became the more powerful group, they</p><p>frequently persecuted Jews.</p><p>Today, theological disagreements between Christians and Jews remain, but efforts are being made towards greater</p><p>understanding and respect between the two great faiths. The following chart compares the origins, beliefs and</p><p>practices of Christianity and Judaism.</p><p>History &amp; Stats Christianity Judaism</p><p>date founded c. 30 AD c. 1300 BC</p><p> place founded Palestine Palestine</p><p>founders &amp; early leaders Jesus, Peter, Paul Abraham, Moses</p><p>original languages Aramaic and Greek Hebrew</p><p>major location today Europe, North and South America Europe, Israel, North America</p><p>adherents worldwidetoday</p><p>2 billion 14 million</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 Comparison of Christianity and Judaism</p><p> 2/4</p><p>adherents in USA 159 million 5.6 million</p><p>adherents in Canada 21 million 350,000</p><p>adherents in UK 51 million 320,000</p><p>current size rank largest 12th largest</p><p>major branches Catholic, Orthodox, ProtestantOrthodox, Conservative,</p><p>Reform</p><p>Religious Authority Christianity Judaism</p><p>sacred textBible = Old Testament (Jewish</p><p>Bible) + New TestamentTanakh (Jewish Bible)</p><p>inspiration of sacred textviews vary: literal word of God,inspired human accounts, or of</p><p>human origin only</p><p>views vary: inspired humanaccounts or of human origin</p><p>only</p><p>status of biblical prophets true prophets true prophets</p><p>status of Jewish Bible canonical canonical</p><p>status of JewishApocrypha</p><p>canonical (Catholic);useful but noncanonical</p><p>(Protestant)</p><p>noncanonical but useful</p><p>status of New Testament canonical noncanonical, not useful</p><p>other written authority</p><p>church fathers, church councils,</p><p>ecumenical creeds (all branches);papal decrees, canon law (Catholic) Talmud, halakhah</p><p>modern human authoritiespope (Catholic);</p><p>each Christian with aid of Holy</p><p>Spirit (Protestant)</p><p>rabbis</p><p>summaries of doctrine Apostle's Creed, Nicene Creed 13 Articles of Faith</p><p>Beliefs &amp; Doctrine Christianity Judaism</p><p>ultimate realityone God, Jehovah, the God of</p><p>Abrahamone God, Jehovah, the God of</p><p>Abraham</p><p>nature of GodTrinity - one substance, three</p><p>persons</p><p>unity - one substance, one</p><p>person</p><p>other spiritual beings angels and demons angels and demons</p><p>revered humans saints, church fathers prophets</p><p>identity of Jesus Son of God, God incarnate, savior false prophet</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 Comparison of Christianity and Judaism</p><p> 3/4</p><p>of the world</p><p> birth of Jesus virgin birth normal birth</p><p>death of Jesus death by crucifixion death by crucifixion</p><p>resurrection of Jesus affirmed denied</p><p>second coming of Jesus affirmed denied</p><p>divine revelationthrough Prophets and Jesus (as God</p><p>Himself), recorded in Biblethrough Prophets, recorded in</p><p>Bible</p><p>human nature"original sin" inherited from Adam</p><p>- tendency towards evil</p><p>two equal impulses, one good</p><p>and one bad</p><p>means of salvationcorrect belief, faith, good deeds,</p><p>sacraments (some Protestants</p><p>emphasize faith alone)</p><p>belief in God, good deeds</p><p>God's role in salvationpredestination, various forms of</p><p>gracedivine revelation and</p><p>forgiveness</p><p>good afterlife eternal heavenviews vary: either heaven or</p><p>no afterlife</p><p>bad afterlifeeternal hell, temporary purgatory</p><p>(Catholicism)</p><p>views vary: either eternalGehenna, reincarnation, or no</p><p>afterlife</p><p>view of the other religion</p><p>Judaism is a true religion, but with</p><p>incomplete revelation.</p><p>Christianity is a false</p><p>interpretation of Judaism.</p><p>Rituals &amp; Practices Christianity Judaism</p><p>house of worshipchurch, chapel, cathedral, basilica,</p><p>meeting hallsynagogue, temple, schul</p><p>religious leaderspriest, bishop, archbishop,</p><p>patriarch, pope, pastor, minister,</p><p>preacher, deacon</p><p>rabbi, rebbe</p><p>sacred rituals sacraments mitzvot (commandments)</p><p>major sacred rituals baptism, communion (Eucharist)observing Sabbath, wearing</p><p>tallit and tefilin, prayer</p><p>services</p><p>head covered duringprayer?</p><p>generally no generally yes (especially men)</p><p>central religious holy days Lent, Holy Week, Easter Yom Kippur, Days of Awe,</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 Comparison of Christianity and Judaism</p><p> 4/4</p><p>Passover</p><p>other holidays Christmas, saints days Chanukah, Purim</p><p>major symbolscross, crucifix, dove, anchor, fish,</p><p>alpha and omega, chi rho, haloStar of David, chai, hamsa,</p><p>tree</p></li></ul>


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