Comparing Social Networks and Business Networks

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<ol><li> 1. Comparing Business Networks to Social Networks Steve Keifer </li><li> 2. Businesses Also Have a Need To Connect to others like you do on Share updates like you do on Discover partners like you do on Follow stuff like you do onAutomatically check in like you on Give ratings like you do on </li><li> 3. On You connect toCo-WorkersBusiness PartnersFormer Classmates </li><li> 4. On Business Networks You connect toCustomersSuppliersBanks </li><li> 5. On You shareOpinions and NewsLife Events </li><li> 6. On Business Networks You shareNew Product IntroductionsNew Business ProcessesPricing Changes </li><li> 7. On You can FollowPeopleGroupsCompanies </li><li> 8. On Business Networks You can FollowShipmentsPaymentsStock Trades </li><li> 9. On People Check IntoConcertsRestaurantsMuseums </li><li> 10. On Business Networks Inventory Checks IntoPortsWarehousesStores </li><li> 11. On People Seek Matches forRelationshipsMarriages </li><li> 12. On Business Networks Businesses Seek Matches forVendors and Service ProvidersCustomers and Resellers </li><li> 13. On Consumers Rate TheirRestaurantsAuto Repair ShopsIn-Home Services </li><li> 14. On Business Networks Businesses Rate TheirSuppliersTransportation ProvidersBanks </li><li> 15. On You can create Circles forFriendsCo-WorkersFamily </li><li> 16. On Business Networks You can create Circles forSuppliersCustomersBanks </li><li> 17. And Create Sub-Circles Direct Materials SuppliersIndirect Materials Suppliers </li><li> 18. More Sub-Circles for Suppliers Warehouse DeliveryDirect Store DeliveryHome DeliveryInternational Delivery </li><li> 19. Sub-Circles for Transportation Ocean FreightRail FreightGround FreightAir Freight </li><li> 20. What are you Using to Communicate with Your Business Partners? </li><li> 21. Join a Business Network</li></ol>