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How to prepare for successful aging.


  • 1. community

2. Our InnovationCreate a community centerSpark conversation among all agesMove toward becoming multigenerationalAdaptive work 3. What community has to offer:Interactive cafWorkshopsGroup Activities 4. Caf UnityInteract informallyConversation topicsPlace to meet with new friends 5. Break the StigmaFocus of our innovationStereotypesThis is a crucial part tobecoming multigenerational. 6. Workshops ActivitiesFear of Aging HobbiesAppearanceSocial eventsHealthOutside eventsVolunteering 7. Sense of UrgencyBy 2050, the worlds populationwill have more people 60 years ofage or older than there will bepeople under the age of 15. The Gap: Move from being agesegregated to age integrated.Break down communicationbarriers. 8. Why community is different Not age segregated Activities and educational A place of comfort and belonging 9. Who is InvolvedStudents at KUVolunteersMembersCity leaders 10. Getting StartedFind a buildingHost an opening eventPromote EventStart in Lawrence 11. FundingGrant amountDonationsAsk city leaders 12. You never grow old youbecome old by not continuingto grow.- Wilford A. Peterson