Community analysis of vertical zonation patterns of a Newfoundland rocky shore

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<ul><li><p>OLR ( 1981 ) 28 (12) E. Biological Oceanography 885 </p><p>81:6676 Subba Rao, D.V., 1981. Photosynthetic efficiency in </p><p>Lawson's Bay on the east coast of India. Int. Revue ges. Hydrobiol., 66(1):29-35. </p><p>Seasonal variations in primary production and photosynthetic efficiency were similar, indicating that phytoplankton were not light limited. Produc- tion and efficiency were maximal during periods of nutrient enrichment (via upwelling or land runoff). Three categories of tropical waters were recognized based on photosynthetic efficiencies. Bedford Inst. of Oceanog., Dartmouth, N.S., Canada B2Y 4A2. (mjj) </p><p>81:6677 van der Spoel, S., 1981. List of discrete depth samples </p><p>and open net hauls of the Amsterdam Mid North Atlantic Plankton Expedition 1980. Bull. zool. Mus. Univ. Amst . 8(1):lOpp. </p><p>El00. Nekton (communit ies; also fish, rep- tiles, mammals) </p><p>81:6678 Anderson, Sydney, 1981. The raccoon (Procyon </p><p>lotor) on St. Catberines Island, Georgia. 7. Nesting sea turtles and foraging raccoons. Am. Mus. Novit., 2713:1-9. Dept. of Mammalogy, American Museum of Natural History, N.Y., N.Y. 10024, USA. </p><p>81:6679 Dekker, D., 1980. Pre- and postnatal behaviour in the </p><p>manatee (Trichechus manatus) in captivity. Aquat. Mamm., 8(1):21-26. Artis Zoo, Amster- dam, Netherlands. </p><p>81:6680 lrvine, A.B. et al., 1980. Clinical observations on </p><p>captive and free-ranging West Indian manatees, Trichechus manatus, in Florida. Aquat. Mamm., 8(1):2-10. </p><p>Clinical data presented include blood values (captive similar to free-ranging), urine osmolarity (differed according to habitat salinity which suggests an ability to drink salt water), skin lesions, and weight-length information. Nat. Fish and Wildlife Lab., 412 N.E. 16th Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 32601, USA. (ahm) </p><p>81:6681 Mortimer, J.A., 1981. The feeding ecology of the west </p><p>Caribbean green turtle (Chelonia mydas) in Nicaragua. Biotropica, 13(1):49-58. Dept. of </p><p>Zool., Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. 32611, USA. </p><p>EllO. Bottom communities </p><p>81:6682 Bolton, J.J., 1981. Community analysis of vertical </p><p>zonation patterns on a Newfoundland rocky shore. Aquat. Bot., 10(4):299-316. </p><p>Avoiding the circularity of classic descriptive anal- yses (species define zones which are then identified by presence of the species), computer clustering was applied to sub-Arctic year-round data and showed 4 main groups of distribution. Obvious seasonality was evidenced as were 2 discontinuities: littoral fringe- eulittoral zone and eulittoral zone-sublittoral fringe. Biol. Anst. Helgoland (Meeresstation), 2192 Helgo- land, FRG. (mwf) </p><p>81:6683 Cai, Erxi et al., 1980. Study on the ecology of </p><p>intertidal zones along the northern coast in H'angzbou Bay [China]. I, Survey of the soft bottom benthic fauna community. Acta oceanol. sin., 2(4):122-131. (In Chinese, English sum- mary.) Third Inst. of Oceanog., Nat. Bureau of Oceanog., People's Republic of China. </p><p>81:6684 Kirkman, H. and P.C. Young, 1981. Measurement of </p><p>health, and echinoderm grazing on Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile. Aquat. Bot., 10(4):329-338. </p><p>Use of leaf growth rate to quantify P. oceanica loss was evaluated. Growth was maximum in polluted areas; biomass per shoot and shoot density were also considered. Exploding sea urchin populations may cause considerable seagrass destruction. CSIRO Div. of Fish. and Oceanog., P.O. Box 20, North Beach, WA 6020, Australia. (ahm) </p><p>81:6685 Munda, Ivka, 1972. General features of the benthic </p><p>algal zonation around the Icelandic coast. A cta nat. islandica, 21:51pp. Includes numerous draw- ings, photos and species lists. Slowene Acad. of Sci. and Arts, Biol. Inst., Ljubljana, Jugoslavia. </p><p>81:6686 Paine, R.T. and S.A. Levin, 1981. Intertidal land- </p><p>scapes: disturbance and the dynamics of pattern. Ecol. Monogr., 51(2):145-178. </p><p>A conceptual model predicting size and distribution of mussel beds was tested with 1970-79 data from </p></li></ul>


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