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What counts as communication in the L2 classroom?


  • 1. Shona WhyteCommunicativecontext MEEF EnglishDecember 2014

2. http://[email protected]@wagjuer (ELF, FLE)@chrisjaeg (allemand)@petiteprof79 (allemand)@Mariehel2 (anglais)@FOADIFM (FLE)@TESOLatMQ (TESOL/TEFL)@whyshona 3. Communication in L21. what counts as communication in L2?2. authenticity3. use of L14. designing and implementing communicative activities5. is a student presentation a communicative activity?6. teacher and learner roles 4. Right or wrong? Explain your answer :-)1. hy-PO-the-sis, pro-NOUN-ci-a-tion2. Did you hear which college is it?3. Ask the question to Pauline. Ask five questions to your neighbour.4. Everybody has copied this down?5. Make them listen (= faire couter) => have them listen6. The final syllable of coffee and cookie is /i/ (high front tensevowel) and not // (high front lax vowel)7. The goal is to make them listen. 5. Examples: different contexts, different learners drumming (Robert Duke) story retell (Two Monsters) engaged in anhonest-to-God music-makingexperience andthe lesson is elevenminutes old. Thats avery simple task but inthat small task I am ableto convey all the thingsthat are most importantabout music-making.