communications: art or science?

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Peter Holt, Bristol City Council South West Regional Group: Influencer relations and reputation


  • 1. Peter HoltCommunication andMarketing DirectorBristol City Council

2. Communication:Art or Science? 3. Communication as a scienceCase Study: Targeting young peoplein a consultation on public transportvia Facebook 4. Facebook allows for: Clearly assessing return on investment Market segmentation Pay as you use Pricing flexibility via updateable bidding 5. Communication as an artCase Study: Promoting Bristol as the destination of choice for zombies 6. Why? Support the growth of a local business asthe leading player in the market Stretching the animation of the city outsidethe summer season Tourism spend Reinforcing the citys image as anunorthodox place 7. What? What do they know Twitter Facebook Blogs Radio Television Print media 8. Outcomes: