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This is the last lecture of a Scandinavian Studies -session at UC Berkeley. The ideas are aggravated stereotypes.. but get the idea across.


  • 1. Communication quot;thingsyouneedtoknowbut wouldn'task &Contemporary Culturein Finland IntroductiontoFinnishCultureandHistory Scand.132,Spring2009,5.5.2009 UniversityofCalifornia,Berkeley VilmaLuomaaho,PhD,Docent VinnovaStanfordResearch Centerof Innovation Journalism,StanfordUniversity

2. What first comes to your mind about FinlandVilmaLuomaahoMay2009 3. Agendatoday Somebasicbackground informationon Contemporaryculture&life Funnycurrentaffairs Thingsyouneedtoknow butwouldn'task Interactivegame&explanations 4. Mainconcepts Finnish SisuStrength ofwill,determination,perseverance,guts NokiaAcity,rubberboots,tractors,cellphones KalevalaAunifyingoralheritage,sourceofbrands MkkiAsummercabinnearalakesomewherewithasauna 5. MainCalendarEventsofaFinn Itsenisyyspiv6.12. AballatthePresidentsCastle,concerts,talks,badgesforcitizens Joulu24.26.12. Christsbirthcelebrated,Santacomesontheeveningofthe24thtobringspresents Uusivuosi31.12. Rocketsareshot,peopleeatsausages&potatosalad,somecasttin Psiinen Christsresurrection,chocolateeggs,kidsdressedupaswitchesgotrickortreating,bigbonfires Vappu1.5. Studentsandworkerscelebrate,crowningofculturalstatues,heavydrinking,balloons,speaches Juhannus24.6. KokkoBonfires,peoplestayuplate,barbequefoodatMkki,allofFinlandiscloseddown 6. StrongestculturalbaggageDividebetweenthecountryside&thecities Dividebetweentheafterwarbabyboomers KEHIII andmillennials 7. Startingpoints ThesilentFinnsofshortanswers(summervrs.winter) ThemostAmericanCountryinEurope(minusthe service) Mostcoffeedrinkersintheworld/population Largestvarietyofcandy Worlds2ndleastcorruptcountry(Transparency International) Worldsmostinnovativecountry(ForresterResearch) Worldsmostcompetitivecountry(Forbes) BestinPISA(math&writing) 8. Businessweek2009 Global Competitiveness No. 6: Finland (-4 vs. last year) Market Size: 49 Innovation: 3 Education/Training: 1To capitalize on its leading position in the high-tech sector, Finland promotes close ties between universities and the business community. That has helped cement the country's global lead in education and training-a category in which it has ranked first for several years. A world-class health-care system and top- notch financial institutions also have made Finland one of the countries to beat. 9. Startingpoints Extensive universal welfare Worklife balance isvalued (long holidays forall) Independency &selfreliancy important (individualistic) Suicidal (10th) Mass consumers ofpizza CountryofClubs (socialcapital) Heavyemphasis onequality Finnish culture:Everyone else has a better culturethan we do 10. Culturedefining Show:Kummeli1990sonArtistimaksaaKanada 11. Culturedefining cartoon: ViivijaWagner,HSonline 30.4.2009 Thetypicalrelationship:Finnishmenashonestbutstillpigs, womenasdominatingwithgoodintentionsandideals. 12. Culturedefining cartoon: ViivijaWagner,HSonline 15.4.2009Critiquetocontemporary&politicalissues:Wagnerdoesitbetter:Wagnerhasrentedouttheirbalconyfornuclearwastestorage,startedaneliteprisonforfinancialbankersintheirlivingroomandmadeanMAthesismachine. 13. ColaOlli Enntystehdas Liianhapokasta,eipysty Toomuchacid,nocandoTulikoseylltyksen? Didthatcomeasasurprise? 14. ConanObrien&Finland 15. Confessionsofashopaholic Mitkaipaatsuomesta? Korvapuusteja. 16. SouthPark,Finlandsdead FinlandsthinkingabouttellingtheSpaceCopstheTruth 17. Pelataan!LetsPlay! 17questions,severalalternatives,13are correct! Choosetheonethatmatchesthecultural normsandexpectationsofFinland,choose onethataFinnwouldchoose Writedownwhy(12minutes) Bereadytodiscussyouranswer Eachcorrectonegivesyouapoint,each falseanswerreducesone GradingtheFinnishway:nobodycheats 18. 1.OntheStreet You see people onthestreet. You do not know them.The expected behavior is:a) Tosay Heiandsmile warmly b) Tonod andthen lookaway c) Toavoid eyecontact andlookahead d) Tolookthem intheeye but not sayanything e) What other people?Im walking too fasttonotice 19. 2.OntheStreetYou meet people onthestreet.You know them,you havetalked tothem before.Theexpected behavior is:a) Tonod andthen lookaway b) Tostopandexchange afew words c) Tostopandask how they are doing d) Tolookthem intheeye but not sayanything e) Tosay Heibut keep walking 20. 3.TalkingSomeone asks youMitkuuluu?Howare you What shouldyou say? a) Nothing much going on b) Im fine,how are you? c) Detailed infoonyour current state anddoings d) Tolookthem intheeye but not sayanything e) Totell ofyour latest flu or problems 21. 4.Starting a conversation How do you start a conversation atacafe? a) You dont,its considered flirting b) Excuse me,can you helpme c) Bycomplaining about something d) Nice tomeet you,myname is.. e) Lookpeople intheeye 22. 5.Kahvilat, Coffeehouses Which ofthefollowing isnot true?a) Coffeehouses are not forworking b) Most coffeehouses are selfserve c) Coffeehouses provide you with freenewspapers d) Coffeehouses are great places fordating e) You do not tip inacoffeehouse 23. 6.TransportationInabus,tram or train ifseating isnot assigned andthere isplenty ofspacea) You sit near thedriver b) You sit next tosomeone c) You sit near other people but alone d) You sit asfar away from other peopleaspossible 24. 7.DayatworkWhich one ofthese isatypicalworkday inany office? a) Arrive 6am,lunch atnoon,leave 3pm b) Arrive 8am,coffee 9am,lunch 11am,coffee 2pm,leave 5pm c) Arrive any time before 9,leave any time after 4 d) Arrive 10am,have longlunches andstay all day,start working at4pm,work until 9pm e) Work from homeall day &all night 25. 8.InthestoreYou want tobuy fruit inastore.How do you do it?a) You find asalesperson andask them tohelpyou b) You pick thefruit yourself intoabag c) You pick thefruit yourself andweigh it andprinttheprice sticker onto thebag,it ischecked atthecashier d) You pick thefruit yourself andweigh it andprinttheprice sticker onto thebag,it isnot checkedatthecashier e) Fruit already comes inbags,justgrab one 26. 9.When something bad happens..Afriend breaks up from alongtime relationship,getsfired,loses moneywhatdo you do? a) Send them acard telling youre sorry b) Nothing,give them space tomourn c) Showup attheir doorstep with food d) Showup attheir doorstep singing e) Call them up immediately,nomatterwhat time it is 27. 10.When somethinggood happens..Afriend starts arelationship,wins money,gets anewjobwhat do you say or do? a) Nothing,who has joy should hide it b) Sing acongratulating song c) Say No!Really?Thats unfair! d) Say What goes around comesaround e) Say Iamso happy foryou 28. 11.Schedule When something is scheduled 3weeks from now,youll have toa) Confirm thesame day b) Confirm theweek before c) Confirm anafew hours before d) Justshowup e) Rearrange thewhole meeting afewdays before 29. 12.PARTY! Agreat Friday night consists ofthefollowing: a) Working late,meeting up people fordrinks,goingclubbing until 5am b) Ending theday early,driving tothecountrysideforskiing or swimming &sauna c) Ending theday early,going homefirst,tosaunawithyour friends,having afew drinks athomeandwakingup somewhere very different d) Working late andgoing outtothemovies or ahockeygame with alarge group offriends andvery much fastfood e) Leaving work atthenormal time,Spending qualitytime infront oftheTVequipped with orderin pizzaandalarge amount ofcandy 30. 13.FamilycelebrationsGraduation,confirmation..parties athomeconsist of a) Singing,dancing,good food&laughter inalaidback athmosphere b) Drinking quietly until everyone isdrunk andstarts talking,fighting andsinging c) Official speeches,formal dress code d) Standing andsitting around quietly informalwear andeating thefoodthat isserved e) Stealing foodandsneaking outsidetohavefun with your own friends 31. 14.Familylife Bringing up children andrunning a homeinFinlandisusually: a) Highly involved:parents know everything thechildren do andlike toparticipate inanddrivethem totheir events andhobbies b) Mediated:parents hire nannies anddrivers andcoaches totake care oftheir children c) Mediated:thegovernment assigns afterschooldaycarers forchildren d) Not really involved:kids go totheir hobbies ontheir own andparents attend parentsnights e) Totally disinvolved:parents andkids have theirown schedules andlives andmeals 32. 15.DatingMeeting people andgoing outinFinlandconsists of:a) Viainternet dating services andwebsites b) Going outondates andgetting toknoweach other with time c) Sitting around incoffee houses andtalking d) Drinking until you get thecourage totalktotheopposite sex e) Viadating beepers that connect you totheright people wherever you are 33. 16.Music Finns like musicandfestivals..Which of these isNOTaFinnish SummerMusic Festival? a) TUSKA(pain)HeavyMetal Festival b) PUISTO(park)BLUES c) SIBELIUSINTHESAUNAFestival d) TANGOMarkkinat e) PORIJAZZFestival f) ANKKAROCK(Duckrock) 34. 17.EldercareYour parents are getting old andcan nolonger make it alone.What do you do?a) Ask them tomove inwith you (if you are theeldest child) b) Buy anapartment nearby andhelpthem c) Apply foracaretaker from thegovernment d) Get them intoaninstitution or assisted place e) Nothing,everyone arranges their own life 35. RESULTS Give yourself 1point foreach correct answer.Add up your points andsee: 1730correct:Todellinensuomalainen,5stars!Onneksi olkoon!Osaatlmmittsaunan,tiedtmilloinvaieta jalydthelpostivalitettavaa.1116correct:Tulossasuomalaiseksi,3stars:olet menossaoikeaansuuntaan,muttavielliianavoinja puhelias.510correct:Tarvitaanpaljonharjoitusta1star: suomalaisuuteentarvitaanpaljonhiljaisuuttaja rauhaa:meneretkeilemnyksinviikoksijateetesti uudestaan.04correct:Suomalaisuuseisovisinulle:oletkoharkinnut vaihtaasuomentuntejasiespanjantunneiksi