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Dedicated to serving Florida's real estate agents, Advanced Commission delivers up to $5,000 of your pending real estate commission up to 60 days before the scheduled closing date. Using our commission advance service you no longer wait months to receive your commission. For more information visist us at:


<ul><li> 1. COMMISSION ADVANCESBy AdvancedCommission.comTuesday, May 7, 13</li></ul> <p> 2. What is a Commission Advance?A commission advance is a nancial transaction where a real estateagent sells its pending commission to a third party (i.e.AdvancedCommission) at a discount in exchange for immediate cash.Tuesday, May 7, 13 3. Why get a Commission Advance?AdvertisingMarketing has the greatest ROIwhen you are a real estate agent. Byspending your commission advanceon marketing, you will get moreleads and make more sales.Tuesday, May 7, 13 4. Why get a Commission Advance?Paying ExpensesNever worry about not being ableto afford expenses.With acommission advance you cancondently balance your cash owand project your monthly income.Tuesday, May 7, 13 5. Why get a Commission Advance?Education &amp; CerticationCertication shows your clientsthat you are the right person forthe job.You can also invest inyourself by attending seminars andtaking different classes.Tuesday, May 7, 13 6. Steps to Receive a Commission Advance:Apply Online: Fill out the application on our apply now page with your contact,company, and sale information for us to review.Review &amp; Sign Contracts: Once your application is reviewed and approved, we willsend you two contracts for you to sign and return.Receive Funds: Once the contracts are returned, we will wire transfer thecommission advance directly in to your bank account.Tuesday, May 7, 13 7. Why Advanced Commission is here no matter how good or badthe real estate market is doing.We let you focus on growingyour business, help you condently balance your cash ow,and project your monthly income.- Acceptance is based entirely on the quality of the deal, andnot a real estate agents personal nancial statements, credithistory, or credit reports. No longer hassle with home equityloans or banks.-You are at your best when you can focus on what you dobest, selling real estate. Sleep easier at night knowing you canalways count on Advanced Commission to get you the extracash you need and deserve.Tuesday, May 7, 13 8. Questions? We Have Answers!If you have questions or want to learn more about AdvancedCommission or how commission advances work, please visistour website at: www.advancedcommission.comOr call us today: (561) 400-7938Tuesday, May 7, 13</p>


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