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The Floor Store specialises in commercial &domestic carpet sales. Melbourne's largest range of quality carpets as well as cheap carpets& floor coverings available at our stunning showroom.


Commercial Carpet Melbourne

Commercial Carpet MelbourneCommercial Carpet options in Melbourne provides a wide range of fantastic carpet choices for commercial use. Commercial Carpet is an easy way to make a quick and informed decision to find the best carpet to suit your commercial office environment.


Available in different colors Many different styles Versatile Types Designer looks Beautiful textures

Cleaning and Maintenance:Vacuum twice weeklyDont use soap, ammonia or washing detergents to clean your carpetUse furniture caps for chairs, tables and couch legs.Place barrier mats outside of your office doorways to trap dirt from shoes Your commercial carpet choice will look good for years to come if you follows a few simple rules:

Advantages Value for money Makes your office beautifulVersatile and durable Affordable

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