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    Commemoration of Saint PaulAuthor(s): Helen PunchSource: The Irish Monthly, Vol. 60, No. 708 (Jun., 1932), p. 329Published by: Irish Jesuit ProvinceStable URL: .Accessed: 15/06/2014 19:20

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    But then it was in the language of poetry He Himself spoke at His Last Supper when He said: " Do this in commemoration of Me "-promising us in the Bread of Angels everlasting life.


    JUNE 30TH.

    Hark to the prayer of a hurrying age O Saint of the hurrying feet, O Blessed seer whose blinded eyes Saw the old and the new worlds meet.

    You who tore the clouds from the darkened West That the dawn from the East shine through;

    Who taught the wisdom of Nazareth In the city that Plato knew.

    Who brought to the foetid heart of Rome The hill-winds of Galilee,

    Who guarded the freedom of Christ's sweet yoke For the peoples yet to be;

    As you toiled for the span of your Master's life At a task that might never wait. For the sake of a deathless love, sprung red From the root of a deadly hate.

    His wisdom the light of your burning pen His interests a fiery goad Since He spake your name in the Syrian noon On the white Damascus road.


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    Article Contentsp. 329

    Issue Table of ContentsThe Irish Monthly, Vol. 60, No. 708 (Jun., 1932), pp. 313-392The Sacred Year and the Nation [pp. 313-315]The Grey Eye of Columcille: His Blessing on the Returning Exile [pp. 316-323]Poets and the Blessed Eucharist [pp. 324-329]Commemoration of Saint Paul [p. 329-329]A New Renaissance? [pp. 330-340]Review: Christ in the Red Zone of Paris [pp. 341-348]The Harbour [pp. 349-350]Another Irish Breeze [pp. 350-352]The Coming Conflict: Catholicism v. Communism [pp. 353-358]The Log of a Literary Man [pp. 359-364]Intinn An Duine [pp. 365-367]Modern Civilisation and the Transformation of Man [pp. 368-372]The Backwater: Irish Faith in a London Slum [pp. 373-380]Abolishing Irish through Irish [pp. 381-386]Book ReviewsReview: untitled [p. 387-387]Review: untitled [pp. 387-389]Review: untitled [pp. 389-390]Review: untitled [pp. 391-392]Other Publications Received-Some for Review Later [p. 392-392]


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