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Watch students ENJOY writing!. Comic Life Make learning FUN!!. By Joel Solomon Instructional Technology Coach Cherry Creek Schools. Agenda. Introduction/PowerPoint presentation Overview of ComicLife Get to know your workspace Take pictures and transfer to iPhoto - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Comic

    By Joel SolomonInstructional Technology CoachCherry Creek SchoolsWatch studentsENJOY writing!Make learningFUN!!

  • AgendaIntroduction/PowerPoint presentationOverview of ComicLifeGet to know your workspaceTake pictures and transfer to iPhotoCreate a ComicAdd captions, speech bubbles, and titlesSave + Export your masterpiece!

  • Have FUN teaching writingto your students!!!

  • Writing StandardsStandard 2:Students write and speak for a variety of purposes and audiences.

    2a. Generate topics and develop ideas for a variety of purposes (plays, storytelling, newsletters, writing a letter, book reports, and introducing a speaker)

    2b.Organize writing using logical arrangement of ideas.

    2c. Select and use clear and concise vocabulary.

  • 6-Trait Writing



  • Sample: Science

  • Sample: Vocabulary

  • Sample: Social Studies

  • Sample: Math

  • Sample: Story Elements

  • Sample: FUN Stuff!

  • Overview of Comic LifeIntro to the WorkspacePage TemplatesCaption and Speech BoxesDetails and StylesImage LibrariesExporting

  • Overview of Comic LifeStep ONE: Select a page templateDrag into comic

  • Overview of Comic LifeStep TWO:Customize your comic with STYLESLock boxes so they dont move

  • Overview of Comic LifeStep THREE:Add captions and speech bubblesGive them some style

  • Overview of Comic LifeStep FOUR:SAVE your style for future comics

  • Overview of Comic LifeStep FIVE:Add images and make your comic!

  • Overview of Comic LifeStep SIX:EXPORT your finished comic

  • Overview of Comic LifeOnline Resources for Images (digital collections) (my page for images)