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  • 1. DC Universe Trivia!

2. What is Superman's real name?
3. Kal-El
4. What is the name of the Green Arrow's apprentice?
5. Speedy
6. Who is the Oracle in the DC Universe?
7. Barbara Gordon
8. In the Batman novel "No Man's Land", who kills Commissioner Gordon's wife?
9. The Joker
10. What is the name of the original Flash?
11. Jay Garrick
12. True or false: Superman is faster than The Flash.
13. FALSE!(They have raced many times and The Flash won a majority of the races. In "Flash: Rebirth", The Flash says the races Superman won "were charity".)
14. In the graphic novel "Hush", who does Batman fall in love with?
15. Catwoman
16. Which Green Lantern became Parralax?
17. Hal Jordan
18. The Flash became what kind of lantern during the events of "Blackest Night"?
19. Blue Lantern
20. What color is a Green Lantern's weakness?
21. Yellow(super lame, by the way)
22. Which Robin did The Joker kill?
23. Jason Todd
24. What is the name of the object in the DC Universe that can bring someone back to life?
25. Lazarus Pit
26. In the DC/Marvel crossover where DC characters fight against Marvel characters, who is Batman matched up against?
27. Captain America
28. Harley Quinn is devoted to which villain?
29. The Joker
30. Silly Story Lines, Mistakes and Bad Characters in Comics!
31. What silly Spiderman villan was dressed up as a giant pig?Bacon Boythe WarthogRazorbackthe Swine
32. Razorback
33. Oh No! The Fantastic Four almost got clobbered by...Sandman's UniformQuicksilver's HairTrapster's Paste GunDr. Doom's Mask
34. Dr. Dooms mask
35. Speaking of the Trapster, what was his original name in comics?Glue ManPaste Pot Petethe StickerNo Escape
36. Paste Pot Pete
37. One of the Flash's main villains in the Silver Age was:A LionAn ApeA KangarooA Hyena
38. Gorilla Grodd
39. Jack Kirby created many great characters, but which one didn't quite leave a good impression?Devil DinosaurSkullInfinity INC.Son of Satan
40. Devil Dinosaur(Thats right. Devil dinosaur.)
41. In Neil Gaiman's version of Sandman, there was an appearance by the clunky Simon and Kirby version. In which storyline did he appear?The Kindly OnesBrief LivesDoll's HouseSeason of Mists
42. Dolls House
43. Who attacked Spiderman during the Disco Era?SuperflyDancing BallHypno HustlerRainbow Man
44. Hypno Hustler
45. Which was NOT a comic's title?U.S. 1Michael Jordan SuperstarNFL SuperproDakota North
46. Michael Jordan Superstar
47. Which famous character died and returned as 'the Eagle' to menace Batman and Robin?Alfred PennyworthCatwomanJames GordanAunt Harriet
48. Alfred Pennyworth
49. Which character uttered 'Only one of us is going to get out here alive and it WON'T be me?SupermanIron ManCaptain AmericaMister Fantastic
50. Captain America
51. Graphic novel and comic movie adaptations!
52. Which of these graphic novels turned movie features a group of assassins who call themselves The Fraternity?300A History of ViolenceV for VendettaRoad to PerditionWanted
53. Wanted
54. These two companies sparred over the rights for Watchmen:Paramount and Lions GateWarner Brothers and FoxDreamworks and ParamountUniversal and Warner BrothersFox and Sony
55. Warner Bros and Fox
56. In the film 300, who did the Spartans fight?The RomansThe IndiansThe RomaniansThe PersiansThe English
57. The Persians(who wants a body massage?)
58. The movie V for Vendetta took place in which of these cities?LondonHong KongNew YorkLos AngelesRome
59. London
60. Which of these people co-directed Sin City with Robert Rodriguez?Quentin TarantinoBruce WillisWill EisnerFrank MillerAlan Moore
61. Frank Miller
62. What is the name of the city that The Spirit takes place in?New CityDark CityCentral CitySouth CitySouth Park
63. Central City
64. In the film 30 Days of Night, what is attacking the Alaskan town?AliensYetiWerewolvesVampiresZombies
65. Vampires
66. The graphic novel and film From Hell is about the investigation of which of these murders?Charles MansonThe ZodiacLizzy BordenThe Riverside KillerJack the Ripper
67. Jack the Ripper
68. Which of these actors received an Oscar nomination for the film A History of Violence?Viggo MortensenMaria BelloEd HarrisWilliam HurtAshton Holmes
69. William Hurt
70. The movie Constantine was based on the graphic novel but was under which of these names?HellraiserHellblazerSupernatural DetectiveExorcist SupremeNone of the above
71. Hellblazer
72. In 1997, Todd McFarlane's dark hero Spawn was brought to the big screen. Who played the creepy, but funny Clown?John LeguizamoTim CurryMichael Jai WhiteWillem DafoeBobcat Goldthwait
73. John Leguizamo(and even he couldnt save that shit-tastic movie)
74. Finish this line by Patrick Stewart's Professor Charles Xavier in X2: "I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to that school...With a chip on their shoulderLooking for troubleWanting troubleLooking for Brett Ratnerlooking for an education
75. Looking for trouble
76. In the cult film Mystery Men, which of these characters was not in the film?The Blue RajaThe BowlerThe SphincterMr. FuriousThe Spleen
77. The Sphincter
78. In the 1990 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who played human Casey Jones?Elias KoteasCory HaimCorey FeldmanMackenzie AstinSamuel L. jackson
79. Elias Koteas
80. In Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy what actor played Flattop?Ed O'RossPhilip Baker Hallmickey rourkeDustin Hoffman William Forsythe
81. William Forsythe
82. In the original Superman, with the late great Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando played Superman's father. What was his name?ZodNodRodVor-ElJor-El
83. Jor-El
84. What is the real name of "The Punisher"?William CastleFrank CastleMedieval CastleHoward Saintslaptywackfishtybuns
85. Frank Castle
86. In Robert Rodriguez's Sin City, Marv played by Mickey Rourke, was avenging the death of whom?WendyGoldieblondieLucilleShellie
87. Goldie
88. No capes here! Graphic novels only!
89. Who is Lucifer's love interest in the Lucifer series?Jill PrestoMazikeenSpera Elaine
90. Mazikeen
91. Who does Dream meet with every 100 years at the same place?LuciferCluracan Alex Burgessauberon Hob Gadling
92. Hob Gadling
93. Who is Jesse Custer?A preacher A vampire hunter A cowboy A barkeepa cop
94. A preacher
95. Who said "Don't mess with me, lady. I've been drinking with skeletons."the corinthianJesse CusterHellboy WormwoodMervPumpkinhead
96. Hellboy
97. What is Tony Chu?A cryopatha hypochondriacA saboscrivner A telepath A cibopath
98. A cibopath
99. Who was the original sheriff of Fabletown? BeastWeyland SmithBigby Wolf Trusty Johnbeanstalk jack
100. Bigby Wolf
101. Who is Barnabus?A librarian A dog A raven A custodiana gravedigger
102. A dog
103. What is Cinderella's job in Fabletown?She's a spy She's the Deputy Mayorshes an escort She's a seamstress She works in the bookstore
104. Shes a spy(and she will kick your ass)
105. What was the post-hypnotic trigger word used to awaken the Minutemen?KimonoUroshnorCroatoamoadibCheckmate
106. Croatoa
107. Which character/person does NOT make a cameo in Sandman? Marquis de Sade Richard Nixon Mark TwainBatmanwilliamshakespeare
108. Marquis De Sade
109. What type of creature falls in love with Mr. Pendulum in Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse?A clockwork birda lynx A phoenix A nymph A leprechaun
110. A leprechaun
111. Who is not a resident of the 13th floor?Frau Totenkinder Baba YagaGeppettoOzma
112. Baba Yaga
113. Who does the House of Mystery belong to? The Omneity LucienCressidaCainpuck
114. Cain