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  • 1. Orbis Pictuskeep it balancedComenius

2. THE CZECH REPUBLIC nice sociable and cheerful friendship is a great valuevery clever and giftedbeer lovers calm and patient don't want to hurry you can always trust them kind to foreigners 3. I TALY happy and sociable football fansfamily is very important food is a kind of art they like fashion and fashionable clothes religion is very importantthey love art, theatre, art galleries Italian men are very kind to women but a wife must be accepted by man's mother 4. GREAT BRITAIN tea with milk avoid personal questions tradition is very important very cultured, well-bred and elegantEnglish sense of humour, they can laugh at themselvesreserved and distant during conversations their main topic of conversation is their rainy and foggy weather 5. G REECE happy and sociable love long discussionsextremely hospitable enjoy big parties, huge weddingsfriendly, helpful and kind full of energylike olives, cheese 6. C YPRUS social and friendly hospitabledrive very fast love having funenjoy music, dance 7. P ORTUGAL drive very fast and cautiously love long discussions men usually have moustachethe country is full of sun, fun and tourists 8. T URKEY very hospitable kind to foreigners, love guestsextremely hospitable the honour is a great valuetradition is very important religion is a part of life 9. SLOVAKIA great ice-hockey players love fried and milk cheeseproduce tasty beer famous for skiing and swimming pools 10. H UNGARY love long discussionslove theoretical discussions can always count on their familieslike Polish peopleenjoy spicy foodproduce great wine 11. B ULGARIA don't want to hurry kind and friendlyvery careful and cautious privacy is very important the country is full of interesting traditions and beautiful landscapes 12. S LOVENIA very calm hard-working and economical 13. THE I NTERNET SOURCES: