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    Island Mix Restaurant & Lounge


    Caribbean & West Indian Chinese Cuisine




    Dine-in | Take-out | catering

    Prices subject to change. Taxes not included.

    Trans Fat Free Canola Oil used for cooking. All our dishes are prepared with 100% Lean Halal Meat.

    Version 1 - January 2018

    Curry Entre(All Curry Entres includes Potato)

    (Served with Steamed Rice,

    Dhalpouri or Paratha Roti or Wrapped)

    Vegetable Curry 8.25Potato Curry 8.25

    Tofu and Vegetable Curry 9.25Channa (Chick Peas) 9.25

    Chicken Curry 9.00Beef Curry 9.50

    Goat Curry 12.00Shrimp Curry 13.00

    Substitute Boneless Meat 1.85

    Substitute Rice and Peas 2.50

    Add Extra Shrimp 3.65

    On The Side Steamed Rice 3.25 Dhalpouri 3.00Paratha Roti 3.30Vegetable Fried Rice 4.35French Fries 4.60Rice & Peas 4.80 Steamed Vegetables 4.85 Sweet Potato Fries 5.45

    Vegetable Fried Rice instead of

    Steamed Rice 2.50

    Steamed Vegetables instead of

    Steamed Rice 2.75

    Caribbean Style(Served with Steamed Rice)

    Substitute Rice & Peas 2.50

    Jerk Chicken 11.95 Stewed Oxtail 13.95 Stewed Snapper 16.95

    # m i xi t u p

    Authentic Breakfast BuffetSaturday & Sunday 10am - 2pm

    Dine-in only

    Lunch BuffetMonday - Friday 11:30am - 2:30pm

    Come Taste The Mix

    Lunch Hot TableIncludes Can pop or bottled water

    Monday - Friday 11:30am - 2:00pm

    PICKERING1050 Brock Rd.Unit 15, L1W 3X4905.831.1MIX(1649)

    VAUGHAN3175 Rutherford Rd.Unit 48, L4K 6Y6905.761.6MIX(6649)




  • Vegetable EntreBroccoli in Garlic Sauce 9.10 / 11.50Island Mix Vegetables 9.10 / 11.50Steamed Bok Choi 9.10 / 11.50Steamed Island Mix Vegetables 9.10 / 11.50Chilli Tofu 9.65 / 12.05 Szechuan Tofu 9.65 / 12.05 Tofu w/ Black Bean Sauce 9.65 / 12.05 Tofu w/ Vegetables 9.65 / 12.05

    Chicken EntreChicken with Black

    Bean SauceChicken with BroccoliChicken with

    VegetablesChili ChickenGeneral Tso ChickenGinger Chicken

    Lemon ChickenSesame Chicken

    Spicy Garlic ChickenSweet & Sour Chicken

    Szechuan Chicken Teriyaki ChickenSizzling Chicken

    (Sharing Platter Only)

    individual portionw/ steamed rice

    $11.85sharing platter


    AppetizersDoubles (each) 2.15Polourie (10) 2.40Potato Balls (2) 2.75Fried Plantain 3.60Crispy Spring Rolls (2) 3.85Crispy Crab & Cheese Wontons (8) 8.45 Pepper Tofu 9.65 Crispy Chicken Wontons (8) 10.00Island Mix Chicken (2 quarters) 10.00 Chicken Balls (8) 10.85Mango Salsa with Wonton Chips 10.85Crispy Shrimp Wontons (8) 11.20Jerk Chicken (2 quarters) 11.20 Pepper Calamari 14.50Pepper Shrimp (10) 14.50 Crispy Chicken half 11.30 / whole 21.95






    SINGLE (8-10 WINGS)


    c h o o s e y o u r s a u c e

    Chicken Wings

    Dry RubsChiliIsland SpiceJerkLemon PepperPeppercorn


    BBQHoney GarlicHotIsland Mix HotJerkMediumPlain


    Caribbean JerkChili GarlicCoconut CurryFiery BBQHoney MustardIsland Mix Hot2Jerk BBQPineapple CurrySweet & SpicySweet BBQTamarind HoneyTeriyakiTnT FlavourXtra Hot BBQXtra Hot

    | spicy | hot | xtra hot | very hot || use at your own discretion |

    SoupsVegetable Noodle Soup 3.60 / 7.15Corn Soup 4.25 / 8.20Hot & Sour Soup 4.25 / 8.20Chicken Noodle Soup 4.80 / 9.55Callaloo Soup 5.45 / 10.90 Chicken Wonton Soup 5.45 / 10.90 Sweet Potato Soup 5.45 / 10.90 Shrimp Wonton Soup 6.40 / 13.90

    SaladsGarden Salad 6.95

    Mixed Greens Salad 7.95Caesar Salad 8.95Mango Salad 11.95Jerk Chicken Caesar Salad 14.95

    (Boneless Chicken Breast)

    Fried Rice EntresVegetable Fried Rice 8.75

    Chicken Fried Rice 9.65Beef Fried Rice 10.00

    Beef Curry Fried Rice 10.65Shrimp Fried Rice 11.30Mixed Fried Rice 12.05

    Special Chicken Fried Rice 12.05Jerk Chicken Fried Rice 13.25

    Island Mix Fried Rice 14.50

    Substitute Jerk Chicken 1.40

    Substitute White Fried Rice 2.20

    Add Extra Shrimp 2.50

    Add Extra Island Mix Chicken 4.50

    Add Jerk Chicken 5.00

    Noodle EntresVegetable Chowmein 9.15 Chicken Chowmein 10.05Beef Chowmein 10.50Shrimp Chowmein 11.80Mixed Chowmein 12.60Special Chicken Chowmein 12.60Island Mix Chowmein 15.15

    Substitute Singapore Noodles 2.00

    Substitute LowMein 2.50

    Substitute Crispy Cantonese Chow Mein 3.50

    Substitute Jerk Chicken 1.40

    Add Extra Shrimp 2.50

    Add Extra Island Mix Chicken 4.50

    Add Jerk Chicken 5.00

    Beef EntreBeef with Black Bean Sauce

    Beef with Broccoli Beef with Oyster Sauce

    Beef with VegetablesGinger Beef

    Honey Garlic BeefPepper Beef

    Szechuan Beef Sizzling Beef

    (Sharing Platter Only)

    Shrimp EntreShrimp with Black Bean Sauce Shrimp with Broccoli Shrimp with Vegetables Spicy Garlic Shrimp Sweet & Sour Shrimp Szechuan Shrimp Teriyaki Shrimp

    individual portionw/ steamed rice

    $13.15sharing platter


    individual portionw/ steamed rice

    $14.25sharing platter

    $16.90 Mixed EntreIncludes Chicken, Beef & Shrimp

    Black BeanChili

    Spicy GarlicSzechuan


    sharing platteronly


    # TA ST E T H E

    M I X

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