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  • 1. Do you suffer from ringing in your ears? A revolutionary hearing instrument that delivers relief from your tinnitus For millions of people, tinnitus is a deeply unsettling condition. ReSound Alera TS is a new solution that combines state-of- the-art hearing instrument technology with an innovative tinnitus management system. ReSound Alera TS features an intelligent sound generator that produces an individually customized sound, shifting your focus away from your tinnitus over time. The generated sound is tailored to your unique needs. The sound generator in ReSound Alera TS delivers the right sound for every listening situation, ensuring maximum relief from tinnitus while maintaining speech audibility.COME TO OUR OPEN HOUSE AND HEAR THE DIFFERENCE! Tuesday, February 14th Thursday, February 16th Special event services will feature: Tinnitus Assessment Hearing Evaluation Clean and check of existing hearing instruments, if applicable DUNCAN HEARING HEALTHCARE Please call our office to schedule your appointment. 1822 North Main St. Suite 201 Fall River, MA 02720 (508) 644-8661 Hearing Healthcare you can trust! Dr. Nancy Duncan
  • 2. Tinnitus Assessment- Take this simple test. q Do you have ringing in your ears? q Is it difficult for you to fall asleep at night? q Do you to struggle to understand conversation because of loud noises that others cant hear? q Have these noises made it difficult to communicate, placing strain on relationships with family and friends? q Do distracting noises interfere with your ability to enjoy social activities? q Do you have any symptoms of nerve damage? q Do you often hear grating, disorienting, relentless or painful sounds? If you responded yes to two or more questions, you may suffer from Tinnitus and could benefit from Tinnitus Assessment.ReSound Alera TS Tinnitus Solution Many of us notice occasional ringing, buzzing or other sounds in the ear. They come. They go. And, theyre forgotten. But, for millions of Americansthese sounds can be persistent and deeply disturbing. This condition is known as tinnitus and for many people it can become a problem that impactswork, family and social activities. It can interfere with sleep, make it difficult to concentrate or to relax, increase sensitivity to loud sounds and can lead toanxiety and depression.The ever increasing incidence of tinnitus as well as the need for better treatment options was recognized by ReSound, a renowned leader in the hearinginstrument industry. ReSound utilized its considerable audiology, research and development expertise to deliver ReSound Alera TS -- an innovativetinnitus solution that combines a unique tinnitus management system with state-of-the-art hearing instrument technology to reduce the annoyance oftinnitus. So, if you suffer from tinnitus and/or hearing loss, ReSound Alera TS may be the solution youve been searching for.Peaceful living with tinnitusReSound Alera TS enables you to learn how to take control of your tinnitus in order to live peacefully with it. That is, ReSound Alera TS can help you toignore your tinnitus and, ultimately, leave it behind. It features an intelligent sound generator that produces a customized sound that, over time, shifts yourfocus away from your tinnitus.Enjoy lifeReSound Alera TS innovative sound generator delivers a customized sound that accommodates your individual needs and preferences while it maximizesyour relief from tinnitus without compromising speech audibility. In quiet settings, the level of generated sound increases in order to help focus yourattention away from your tinnitus. During conversation, the generated sound automatically decreases, enabling you to hear speech without distraction.As a result, ReSound Alera TS is able to provide optimal listening comfort as well as tinnitus relief in all of lifes situations.Get the surround sound experienceReSound Alera TS is more than a tinnitus sound generator. It is also a state-of-the-art hearing instrument. At its core is Surround Sound by ReSound.Just like a surround sound speaker system, it splits and treats treble and bass sounds individually. This allows you to benefit from fantastic soundquality, improved sound awareness, enhanced ability to locate sounds and significantly reduced wind noise. ReSound Alera TS is available in custom andbehind-the-ear styles with an unbeatable mix of invisibility and comfort with superior performance and flexibility. Welcome to Duncan Hearing Healthcare Duncan hearing healthcare provides comprehensive hearing health care services. Our caring, professional staff is available to provide a complete range of testing and state-of-the-art hearing aid services. We provide services to individuals with hearing loss throughout their life span. We are trained to diagnose, manage and treat hearing problems. We also provide testing and management for disorders and tinnitus. We have the expertise and advanced technology to ensure that you get the most thorough hearing evaluation and the right kind of hearing assistance. Please call our office to schedule your appointment. (508) 644-8661 And if you would like to receive a FREE copy of the Guide to Better Hearing, please visit us at:Scan this code to learnmore about hearing loss. Hearing Healthcare you can trust!


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