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  • Come and join us

    In recent days, we went to Algeria and received warm hospitality from local


    For a long time, Hongdefa company adhere to the Algerian customers to maintain a

    friendly and cooperative relations, we both have a lot of trade cooperation.

    So happy we are!

    They believe that the wheat flour milling machine of our company now has developed

    into the world's leading point, as Chinese mill, one of the largest manufacturers,

    HDF company wheat flour milling machine precision and the quality of product is far

    more than many countries, and they are

    satisfied with the Good quality machine and

    super fine wheat flour.

    In the process of negotiation, the Algeria

    customer give us warm reception and patient

    introduction, they ordered 60t wheat flour

    milling machine and signed the contract


    In recent years, HDF companies continue to

  • develop, long-term in the scientific and technological innovation, quality and

    quantity of the principle of serious standing in the customer's point of view to

    treat every customer sincerely.

    We believe that this business cooperation, the two sides will be able to bring good

    development and win-win!

    Now, sent to Algeria 60 t wheat flour

    milling machine has been packing to deliver

    goods, what are you waiting for, don't

    hesitatecome to contact with me

    If you need more technical information and

    accurate price, please contact us freely

    and I will give you the best service.


    Mobile: +86-13673118218

    We also very much hope that you can come to

    our factory inspection.


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