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A discussion for C-level business executives and board members of digital information law issues of social media law, data security and data breach law, and trade secrets and corporate espionage issues.


  • 1. Digital Business Risk Combating Cyber Fraud, Data Breaches & Corporate Espionage Shawn Tuma, Partner BrittonTuma Shops at Legacy, Plano, TX 469.635.1335 @shawnetuma blog: web: Shawn Tuma is a lawyer whose practice is focused on cutting-edge cyber and information law and includes issues like helping businesses defend their data and intellectual property against computer fraud, data breaches, hacking, corporate espionage, and insider theft. Shawn stays very active in the cyber and information law communities: Best Lawyers in Dallas 2014, D Magazine (Digital Information Law) Chair, Collin County Bar Association Civil Litigation & Appellate Section College of the State Bar of Texas Privacy and Data Security Committee of the State Bar of Texas Computer and Technology, Litigation, Intellectual Property Law, and Business Sections of the State Bar of Texas Information Security Committee of the Section on Science & Technology Committee of the American Bar Association Social Media Committee of the American Bar Association North Texas Crime Commission, Cybercrime Committee International Association of Privacy Professionals The information provided is for educational purposes only, does not constitute legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is created by this presentation. 2014 Shawn E. Tuma 1
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  • 5. Digital Business Risk Computer Fraud = Fraud 2.0 Deception, through the use of a computer old crimes committed in new ways using computers and the Internet to make the task[s] easier computer hacking, data theft, breaches of data security, corporate espionage, privacy breaches, computer worms, Trojan horses, viruses, malware, denial of service attacks mouse and keyboard = modern fraudster tools of choice 2014 Shawn E. Tuma 5
  • 6. Digital Business Risk Data 21st Century Currency Everybody wants it Google, Facebook, $.99 Apps seriously? Big Data, Reward Cards, Surveys, etc. 2014 Shawn E. Tuma 6
  • 7. Digital Business Risk 9 Patterns of Data Breaches Verizons 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report 9 Patterns from 10 Years of Breaches (% = 2013 stats) 1. 35% = Web Application Attacks 2. 22% = Cyber-Espionage 3. 14% = Point of Sale Intrusions 4. 9% = Card Skimmers 5. 8% = Insider Misuse 6. 4% = Crimeware 7. 2% = Miscellaneous Errors 8.