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Presents the cell-id and wifi based mobile positioning offer from Combain called CPS - Combain Positioning Service. Combain provides access to world largest available cell-id and wifi database. The services is today used by Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Handset Makers, M2M Device makers, Chipset Makers, Service Platform providers and Application Providers.


  • 1. Combain Positioning Service ! with cell-id and wi ! February 2014 Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain Condential
  • 2. YEAR 2020: CONNECTED EVERYTHING Combain Vision - Global Leader in Loca3ng Connected Devices Condential
  • 3. Use Cases Locating M2M devices (Smart Meters, Refrigerators, TV cameras, Tracking units) Enhanced positioning in mobile apps & mobile OS (Android, Windows Mobile, Feature phones) MNO Services (Coverage maps, Mobile Data Ooading 3G->WIFI, Network planning) WIFI
  • 4. Customers Mobile Network Operators Mobile Handset Makers Chipset Makers M2M/Tracking Device Makers MNO/M2M/Enterprise Service Platforms Application Providers
  • 5. Locating Connected Devices GPS vs Cell-id / Wi
  • 6. Mobile positioning with GPS GPS has no indoor coverage GPS has high power consumption GPS has long time to rst x
  • 7. Mobile positioning with Cell-id/Wi Indoor and outdoor coverage Instant positioning, < 1 second TFF Low power consumption
  • 8. About Combain Combain Mobile AB 2006 Posi3oning research start 2009 Combain Mobile AB founded 2010 Former SE CTO Mats Lindo joined 2011 >10M cell-ids >45M wis 2014 >40M cell-ids >380M wis Many years of experience from: Condential
  • 9. Combain Positioning Solution (CPS) Indoor & Outdoor. Global Coverage.
  • 10. available cell-id and wi Worlds largest database >220 countries >1500 operators >42M cell-ids >380M wis ! 98% global average hit-rate for cell-id 90% global average hit-rate for wi !
  • 11. Upto 30% better than others Worlds most accurate Example of median errors in urban areas WIFI: Amsterdam 37 m, London 45 m, Mexico City 59 m GSM: Amsterdam 204 m, London 302 m, Mexico City 283 m WCMDA: Amsterdam 225 m, London 166 m, Mexico City 202 m ! ! ! !
  • 12. Combain Oerings CPS API Cell-id Wi Cell-id and wi positioning via cloud CPS Embedded NEW UNIQUE OFFER! Provided by Combain only. Cell-id and wi locally stored in device Device API Specications & quotations available upon request. ! Cell-id Wi
  • 13. Use CPS for instant & accurate Indoor Positioning Instant Coverage Basic coverage and accuracy already in place by using existing cell-id and wi database. State-of-the-art Accuracy Advanced algorithms and unique possibility for customers to upload wi reference points Ongoing research project to further improve accuracy
  • 14. Contact us for more info ! Combain Mobile +46 46 288 6 288
  • 15. Appendix - Maps ! Please nd here some of our Coverage Maps ! More maps available
  • 16. USA WCDMA
  • 17. USA WIFI
  • 19. CHINA WIFI
  • 20. Coverage USA - 3D view
  • 21. Coverage China - 3D view
  • 22. Coverage Japan - 3D view