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<ul><li><p>COLTON JOINT UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT DISTRICT ENGLISH LEARNER ADVISORY COMMITTEE </p><p>DELAC Minutes January 23, 2013 </p><p>I. Meeting Called to Order </p><p>In Mr. Fuentes absence, Vice Chairperson Gleidy Vasquez called the meeting to order at </p><p>8:40 a.m. </p><p>II. Additions or Deletions to the Agenda </p><p> Neither additions nor deletions to the agenda were necessary. </p><p>III. Approval of Minutes from October 24, 2012 </p><p>The October 24, 2012 minutes were approved unanimously as presented. Laura Navarrete </p><p>motioned to approve the minutes. Rosa Valenzuela seconded Mrs. Navarretes motion. </p><p>IV. DELAC By Laws Revision </p><p>Parents saw the revisions recommended to DELAC By Laws. Copies of the amended </p><p>document were made available to any interested parents. </p><p>V. Welcome/Introductions </p><p> Mrs. Vasquez welcomed Board Member Flores. Mr. Dan Flores was recently elected to </p><p>serve as board member for CJUSD. He requested an opportunity to address the committee. Mr. </p><p>Flores recognized DELAC Parents for their interest and commitment to the education of their </p><p>students. He explained how instrumental their involvement is for the success of their students in </p><p>school. Mr. Flores also reassured parents that the Board of Education is there to be of service to </p><p>them and that language will not be a barrier to communicate with them. Mr. Flores shared his </p><p>educational background with parents; he made emphasis in how important it is for them to </p><p>motivate their children to further their education. </p><p>VI. Educational Opportunity Program California State University, San Bernardino Campus </p><p> Mrs. Arreguin welcomed Mr. Mario Baeza, Counselor-Admissions Coordinator EOP Program, </p><p>California State University, San Bernardino. Utilizing a Power Point, Mr. Baeza presented </p><p>information regarding the Educational Opportunity Program at CSUSB. He spoke about the </p><p>numerous opportunities available to students who will be first generation of college education </p><p>in their families and students in need. He shared the different services offered to students who </p><p>are accepted in EOP: tutoring, counseling, first priority for enrollment, financial aid, etc. Web </p><p>sites Mr. Baeza shared: </p><p> Cal State San Bernardino: </p><p> CSU Application: </p><p> Financial Aid: </p><p> EOP: </p><p> Summer Bridge: </p><p> California Dream </p><p>Parents thanked Mr. Baeza for all the valuable information he shared with them. </p><p>VII. Programs of the Mexican Consulate Deferred Action </p><p>Arlahe Galicia, Representative of the San Bernardino Mexican Consulate shared with </p><p>DELAC information regarding the multiple services offered through the Mexican </p><p>../../../Program%20Files/Qualcomm/Eudora/mbaeza/Program%20Files/Qualcomm/Eudora/Attach/</p></li><li><p>Consulate. Parents had questions which were addressed by Ms. Galicia. Ms. Galicia </p><p>distributed printed information to the committee. She reassured the membership that </p><p>the Mexican Consulate is here to provide services to them. She encouraged feedback </p><p>from those who utilize their services. </p><p>VIII. Common Core &amp; ELD Standards </p><p>Mrs. Arreguin shared with parents that the education system is in need of modernization. </p><p>Education in the XXI Century is calling for versatility in the classroom to address the different </p><p>learning styles of students, the wide use of technology these days not only to socialize but also </p><p>to learn. Our children seem to be born with a built-in ability to operate technology and a marked </p><p>preference for utilizing it during many hours of the day. The challenge is for us to meet them in </p><p>their pathway to the future and satisfy their educational and social needs. There was mention of </p><p>the need to balance the use of technology and the social skills so necessary in their adult life. </p><p>Mrs. Arreguin took the opportunity to explain that one of the main objectives our </p><p>Superintendent Almendarez has is to successfully take students, teachers, administrators and </p><p>parents into the XXI Century. We ought to properly prepare our children for the jobs of the </p><p>future; jobs what may not even exist today. The adoption of the Common Core Standards in </p><p>California will provide for wider opportunities to enhance education, promote differentiated </p><p>education with emphasis in higher academic skills, among them, more use of technology and </p><p>critical thinking. Mrs. Arreguin invited parents to enquire about technology and teaching </p><p>strategies utilized at their school sites. </p><p>IX. School Safety Mrs. Arreguin shared with DELAC that due to the unfortunate events occurred in Connecticut; our District is exploring means to strengthen safety in all our school sites. Mr. Almendarez sent a letter out to all parents letting them know that their sites administrators have been instructed to implement strong and specific safety plans. Our most important priority is to remain focused and cognoscente and to all in our power to maintain all our schools safe and secure. </p><p>X. Csar E. Chavez </p><p>Bertha Arreguin invited parents to motivate their students to participate in the Csar E. Chvez </p><p>Art and Writing Contest. She distributed flyers announcing the contest which included all the </p><p>detailed information to participate. Bertha indicated that students may enter pieces which they </p><p>create at home as well. The deadline to submit essays or art pieces is 02-15-2013. </p><p>XI. Two Way Immersion Program </p><p>Bertha presented parents information regarding the Dual Language program we offer at Grimes </p><p>Elementary. After discussing it, Bertha offered to invite a Grimes Elementary representative to </p><p>speak to DELAC about the many advantages students have when they are truly bilingual. </p><p>XII. Biliteracy Seal / Spanish for Spanish Speakers </p><p>Bertha showed parents copy of the pamphlet containing all information regarding the criteria </p><p>for the State Biliteracy Seal. She again made emphasis in the importance of knowing more than </p><p>one language. Parents had questions regarding the process to follow if theyd like their high </p><p>school students to pursue the seal. Also, there was discussion regarding the precursor to the </p><p>BIliteracy Seal: Spanish for Spanish Speakers. Parents obtained copy of the announcement made </p><p>at all our middle schools. Eight grade students with potential were encouraged to take the </p></li><li><p>placement test which will allow for their high school counselor to assign the appropriate Spanish </p><p>class to them according to their level of ability. </p><p>XIII. Project INSPIRE </p><p>Bertha announced the first INSPIRE session which will take place in the Board Room on </p><p>January 30, 2013. The session will start promptly at 8:30 a.m. Parents will receive a Tele </p><p>Parent reminder the day before the session. </p><p>XIV. Agenda Builders / Good of the Order </p><p>Mrs. Vasquez shared her concern regarding the need for additional information specific to high </p><p>school athletes. She indicated she has a contact person who may come to share about the steps </p><p>seniors need to take when applying for admission and scholarships to colleges or universities. </p><p>Bertha Arreguin will look into providing the requested information at a future meeting. </p><p>XV. Public Comment </p><p>No comments at this time. </p><p>XVI. Adjournment </p><p>Mrs. Gleidy Vasquez adjourned the meeting at 11:44 a.m. </p><p>Attendance: </p><p>Rocio Soto Zimmerman Elementary Leticia Zambrano Zimemrman Elementary Angelica De Luna Zimmerman Elementary Juana Barajas Wilson Elementary, Terrace Hills Middle School Rachel R. Warner Wilson Elementary, Terrace Hills Middle, CHS Rocio Cruz McKinley Elementary Laura Navarrete McKinley Elementary Jose Martinez, Jr. Washington Alternative Terry Banales Washington Alternative Rosa Davila Wilson Elementary Ruth Moroyoqui Wilson Elementary Belen Rubio Language Support Services, EL Conunselor Patricia Kelley Terrace Hills Middle, Counselor Maria Velasco Grant Elementary Maria A. Calderon McKinley Elementary Maria Gutierrez McKinley Elementary Rosabel Navarro Grand Terrace High School Erendira Antunez Joe Baca Middle, Bloomington High School Rafael Navarro Grand Terrace High School Gleidy Vasquez Grant Elementary, Colton High School Rosa Valenzuela Cooley Ranch Elementary Sheila Brower Smith Elementary, Principal A. Valdez Smith Elementary Patricia Pea Wilson Elementary Isabel Monroy Bloomington High School Griselda Rodriguez Grand Terrace Elementary Guadalupe De La Cruz Colton High School Laura Valtierra Zimmerman Elementary &amp; Bloomington High Maria Diaz Bloominton High School Irma Ruiz Terrace Hills Middle </p></li><li><p>Hortencia Hernandez Zimmerman, Grimes, Bloomington High School Luz Angeles DArcy Elem., Jurupa Vista Elem., BHS Mercedes Garcia Ruth O Harris Middle School Margarita Villa Ruth O Harris Middle Diane Aguirre Smith Elementary Amparo Martin Del Campo Bloomington High School Norma Gallardo Paul J. Rogers Elementary Arlahe Galicia Mexican Consulate, San Bernardino Mario Baeza California State University, San Bernardino Bertha Arreguin Language Support Services, Director Alejandra De La Torre CJUSD Language Support, Interpreter </p></li></ul>


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