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Colt Corporate in a nutshell


  • 2010 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. All rights reserved.

    Colt: a corporate view

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    About Colt


    Exceptional owned / operated European network and 19

    data centres

    Unrivalled reach to 100 cities throughout Europe

    Extensive integrated IT infrastructure


    IT managed services, data and voice services

    Working with the leading technology vendors and 600 channel partners

    5,000 employees in 15 countries


    Over 35,000 organisations trust us

    Providing mission-critical services in demanding market sectors

    We manage thousands of IT systems for our customers

    Trusted by other carriers


    Revenues of 1,622m in 2009

    2009 EBITDA of 318.7m and profit of 85m

    Shareholder stability

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    Opinions of the analysts

    Other would-be enterprise cloud

    offerings from telcos such as AT&T

    Synaptic, Verizon computing as a

    service and BT Group VDC are not

    as advanced as Colt.

    The 451 Group

    [Colt] is a leader in

    bringing Ethernet Services

    to Market.


    Colt is also a leading

    provider of managed hosting

    services. Best suited for European

    firms looking for aggressive

    Ethernet performance and best



    Colt is an early-mover in

    bringing its network and

    managed services together in

    a joined-up and coherent

    single point of sale.

    Current Analysis

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    The separation of IT and

    network resources results in

    major challenges:

    No application SLAs

    Multiple vendor management

    Increased security concerns

    Regulatory issues

    Limited on-demand provisioning and billing

    The Colt approach offers:

    True application-centric SLAs

    Transparent connections between cloud and enterprise


    Flexible resource allocation

    On demand provisioning/billing

    Complete security

    Ability to meet local data compliance requirements

    The advantages of integrating network and IT

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    Powered by three critical elements Information delivery platform for European Business: Its the combination of three critical elements:

    A powerful resource enabling our customers to share, process and store their vital

    business information.

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    Unrivalled network reach

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    Cost control Speed to market Risk management IT optimisation

    Building a joint understanding

    Selecting the right solution

    Traditional IT

    model, relying on



    Managed services

    adoption using

    third party IT



    services adoption




    Consultancy IT solutions Business issues

    Delivering success through IT Managed Services

    1. Understanding the customer journey

    2. Selecting the right delivery model

    In conjunction with in-house IT

    X-as-a service

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    Far reaching expertise

    Our portfolio


    Interactive voice

    Private networking

    Internet solutions

    IT Managed Services

    Enterprise cloud services

    Unified communications

    Consultancy services

    Our technology partners

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    Why work with Colt?

    The leading information delivery platform for European business.

    Customers can depend on Colt for an innovative approach.

    Exclusively focused on the needs of European businesses.

    Environmentally and socially responsibility.

    Delivering an outstanding customer experience is standard.