Colour Trends - Spring / Summer 2009

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Pure Source The Holistic Approach </p> <p>Natural simplicity with a refined touchInfluenced mainly by natural elements: Air / Water / Sand / Sea / Earth / WoodMineral powders to refine complexion but yet to maintain a natural finish Colours: Soft blues in total harmony with Beiges, soft corals and nude pinks. Packaging: Beiges (Soft ,Blond wood to sandy tones) </p> <p>Vintage Chic Go back to go forwards Cultural, highly calibrated with an extended awareness of her heritage and the roots of modern concepts. The ultimate sophistication by all meansVery polished feminine look Colours: between warm and cold, an elegant sober palette constructed around the contrast of greens and orangey tones, softened by neutrals such us skin tones and ashy beiges. Packaging: Elegant but yet with a distinct influence of time. Eclectic materials and semi-precious stones </p> <p>Urban Eco Craze(Old meets new/ Catwalk meets the street/ The new rule is no rule!)</p> <p>Very Urban and Arty Style City World Style Mixing &amp; Culture Blending Recycling treated with great imagination Re-use, Re-claim, Re-cycle, Customise, Mix and Match, Do-It-Yourself Eco GlamBohemian ChicDandy Punk Colours: Faded shades with particular attention to soft greens and khakis. High contrasts. Basic Darks: cardboard beige, raw denim, asphalt grey Packaging: New hybrid packaging, </p> <p>Raw Beauty The feminine mood with an earthy appeal Wild, Raw beauty but yet exceptionally sensual Colours and textures inspired by wild natures oddities Animal Skins High contrasts Precious jewels: glass sparkles, beds, or precious stones may be applied to enhance make-up. Colours: Mat, powdery pigments Khaki or chestnut, ochre or sienna, browns or coopery tones.Packaging: Inspired by natures oddities, antiques and oriental style decoration </p> <p>Beaut Surrelle Contemporary Alice in WonderlandBeauty beyond conventionEccentric romanticism An almost fairy tale world Powdered pale, porcelain complexions Colours inspired by pale to toxic flower pedals Colour contrasts with acidic, luminous shades and plastic finishes</p>