colored quartz stone carpet - .we care about making happy and being happy while doing

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  • Colored Quartz Stone CarpetProducton of 100% Nanotechnology

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    Colored Quartz Stone Carpet Propertes

    About Anlo


  • Exclusve Stone CarpetWall and Floor Coverngs

    Quartz Stone Carpet Propertes

    Jointless100% Ultraviolet (UV) Rays resistance

    Resistant to water and all kinds of chemicalsSuitable for disabled persons walking

    Water discharge capacity of 500 lt/m2 per minuteFlame retardant

    Breathing materialMax. load resistance: 42-45 tons

    Thermal resistance: between- 40 C and + 120 CResistant to weather conditions

    Colorfastness and no fading over timeOdorlessStainlessAnti-slip

    Its polymer feature ensures excellent grip forlight and heavy vehicle tires and shoes

    Maximum acoustic and thermal insulationEasy maintenance and cleaning

    Always looks cleanSuitable for underfloor heating

    Suitable for aesthetic and custom designsAvailable to create infinite colors, patterns, curves, and emblems

    Resistant to moisture, humidity, and saline waterAntifouling, mud-proof material

    No hazard to human health and environmentally-friendlyMaintains its color and vividness

    High-quality guaranty (10 years)

    Comfort of Color



    R A N T E E

    10 Years 10 Years



    R A N T E E

  • We care about making happy and being happy while doing our job

    Infinite Options of ColorAbout Us What s Stone Carpet?

    What s Quartz Stone?

    The Advantages of Quartz Stone

    Hgh level corporate governance

    The founders of Anlo Stone Carpet have completed numerous stone carpet floorng applcatons n the Netherlands and all over Europe and they have the experence of almost 20 years n the feld.

    Anlo has the honor and s proud of brngng the stone carpet floorngs whch are qute wdely used n Europe, to Turkey.

    Stone Carpet s a wall and floor coverng product whch s colored by usng specal technques and produced by combnng quartz stone granules of 0.8-1.2 mm, 1.5-2.5 mm and 2-3 mm wth specal resns to form a layer wth a thckness of 6-8 mm.

    Quartz stone s a precous stone composed of mnerals from crystal group. The hardness level of the quartz stone, whch has the crystallzaton feature, s very hgh. It s very resstant to sudden changes n temperature.

    It facltates mental and sprtual balance by touchng the energy ponts n the human body due to ts electrcal propertes.It facltates emotonal balance by stmulatng bran functons. It stores postve energy and transmts t by enrchng to the envronment.It adjusts mental forms.Keeps the body ft, gves strength and vtalty.Protects from negatve stuatons such as anger, fear, gult, and jealousyIt nourshes and develops the feelngs of love and compasson.It has postve effects on eye dseases.It has postve effects on stuatons such as panc attack, stress, and nsecurty.It has the characterstc of collectng the negatve energy n the envronment n tself and transmts postve energy.

    Anlo Stone Carpet s the largest manufacturer of the jontless and seamless wall and floor coverngs n the regon. Besdes Turkey, t also exports to countres such as France, Russa, Azerbajan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, the Unted Arab Emrates, Tunsa, Morocco, Algera, Iran and the Schengen countres.

    To become the most productve company n the floor coverng sector,

    To ncrease the product qualty and to decrease the producton costs wthn the scope of operatonal effcency,

    To be more effcent and effectve n dstrbuton channels and sales ponts by reducng the cost of sales.

    Delverng our strong brand to our consumers for reasonable prces,

    Ensurng contnuous mprovement of our brand.

    To acheve hgher sales volume and ncrease n ncome, and to ncrease operatonal proftablty n the actvtes of Anlo Stone Carpet,To expand to be the regonal power,

    To contnue corporate governance at the best level,

    To acheve the results that make all of our franchsees and stakeholders happy,

    The quartz stone s selected consderng the seasonal clmate changes, UV rays, humdty and marne salt rato, pedestran and vehcle traffc densty of the area on whch stone carpet wll be covered, and the ratos of resn mxture are adjusted based on these specfc values.

    Wth our corporate R&D efforts, operatonal successes, and qualty products, 2018 wll be the year n whch we wll make our consumers happy.

    Daly ProductonCapacty of Anlo

    Our StrategesProductvty

    Our Brand Investment

    The Scope of Our Strateges



  • ANL2604 2/3mm ANL2608 2/3mm ANL2612 2/3mm ANL2617 2/3mm

    ANL2622 2/3mm ANL2623 2/3mm ANL2624 2/3mm ANL2625 2/3mm

    ANL2626 2/3mm ANL2627 2/3mm ANL2628 2/3mm ANL2629 2/3mm

    ANL2618 2/3mm ANL2619 2/3mm ANL2620 2/3mm ANL2621 2/3mm

    Man Colors Colored Quartz

  • ANL2630 2/3mm ANL2631 2/3mm ANL2632 2/3mm ANL2633 2/3mm

    ANL2638 2/3mm ANL2639 2/3mm ANL2640 2/3mm ANL2641 2/3mm

    ANL2642 2/3mm ANL2643 2/3mm ANL2644 2/3mm ANL2645 2/3mm

    ANL2634 2/3mm ANL2635 2/3mm ANL2636 2/3mm ANL2637 2/3mm

    Man Colors Colored Quartz

  • ANL2646 2/3mm ANL2647 2/3mm ANL2648 2/3mm ANL2649 2/3mm

    ANL2654 2/3mm ANL2655 2/3mm ANL2656 2/3mm ANL2657 2/3mm

    ANL2658 2/3mm ANL2659 2/3mm ANL2660 2/3mm ANL2661 2/3mm

    ANL2650 2/3mm ANL2651 2/3mm ANL2652 2/3mm ANL2653 2/3mm

    Man Colors Colored Quartz

  • ANL2662 2/3mm ANL2663 2/3mm ANL2664 2/3mm ANL2665 2/3mm

    ANL2671 0.8/1.2 mm ANL2672 0.8/1.2 mm ANL2675 0.8/1.2 mm

    ANL2666 2/3mm ANL2668 0.8/1.2 mm ANL2669 0.8/1.2 mm ANL2670 0.8/1.2 mm

    Man Colors Colored Quartz

  • ANL2601 2/3mm ANL2602 2/3mm ANL2603 2/3mm ANL2605 2/3mm

    ANL2611 2/3mm ANL2613 2/3mm ANL2614 2/3mm ANL2615 2/3mm

    ANL2616 2/3mm ANL2667 2/3mm ANL2673 1.5/2.5 mm ANL2674 1.5/2.5 mm

    ANL2606 2/3mm ANL2607 2/3mm ANL2609 2/3mm ANL2610 2/3mm

    Standard Colors Colored Quartz

  • ANL2676 1.5/2.5 mm ANL2677 1.5/2.5 mm ANL2678 1.5/2.5 mm ANL2679 1.5/2.5 mm

    ANL2680 1.5/2.5 mm

    Mays 2018

    Standard Colors Colored Quartz

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