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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 Color Symbolism and Culture</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Color Symbolism and Culture Printer friendly version</p><p>How We See Color| Color Theory | Color inWorld Culture | Color in Symbolism | Art</p><p>Lessons in Color| Color Matters</p><p>Western world:</p><p>Traffic lights: Red means stop, yellow means</p><p>caution, and green means go. Yellow signsalso warn drivers of upcoming curves,</p><p>pedestrian crossings, and a animal crossings.</p><p>Patriotism: Most, if not all countries have aflag. The colors of each flag are usually seen</p><p>as patriotic. Red, white, and blue symbolizes</p><p>patriotism in the U.S.A.</p><p>Holidays: Red and green are favorite Christmas colours. Colors of Autumn such as orange,brown, yellow and red are associated with Thanksgiving with black and orange associated with</p><p>Halloween. Pastel colors are used for Easter.</p><p>Color Symbolism Chart</p><p>Excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed,strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, fire,</p><p>blood, war, violence, all things intense and</p><p>passionate.Pink symbolizes love, romance, and excitement</p><p>Beige and ivory symbolize unification. Ivory</p><p>symbolizes quiet and pleasantness. Beigesymbolizes calm and simplicity.</p><p>Joy, happiness, betrayal, optimism, idealism,</p><p>imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold,philosophy, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy,</p><p>covetousness, deceit, illness, hazard.</p><p>Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability,harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence,conservatism, security, cleanliness, order,</p><p>loyalty, sky, water, technology, depression,appetite suppressant.</p><p>Turquoise symbolizes calm. Teal symbolizes</p><p>sophistication. Aquamarine symbolizes water.</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Color Symbolism and Culture</p><p> 2/4</p><p>Lighter turquoise has a feminine appeal.</p><p>Royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony,mysterious, transformation, wisdom,</p><p>enlightenment, cruelty, arrogance, mourning.</p><p>Lavender symbolizes femininity, grace andelegance.</p><p>Energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrant,</p><p>expansive, flamboyant, demanding of attention.</p><p>Nature, environment, healthy, good luck,renewal, youth, spring, generosity, fertility,</p><p>jealousy, inexperience, envy, misfortune, vigor.</p><p>Earth, stability, hearth, home, outdoors,reliability, comfort, endurance, simplicity, and</p><p>comfort.</p><p>Security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty,dignity, maturity, solid, conservative, practical,</p><p>old age, sadness, boring. Silver symbolizescalm.</p><p>Reverence, purity, birth, simplicity, cleanliness,</p><p>peace, humility, precision, innocence, youth,winter, snow, good, sterility, marriage (Western</p><p>cultures), death (Eastern cultures), cold, clinical.</p><p>Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality,elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil,</p><p>unhappiness, depth, style, evil, sadness,remorse, anger, anonymity, underground, good</p><p>technical color, mourning, death (Westerncultures).</p><p>Eastern World:</p><p>Marriage: White and pinkare favorite just as in the</p><p>western world.Green: Eternity, family,</p><p>harmony, health, peace,posterity</p><p>Happiness: RedHelpful: Gray</p><p>Wealth: Blue, gold andpurple</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Color Symbolism and Culture</p><p> 3/4</p><p>Emotions: Blue is seen as conservative.Red is power and aggression. Brighter</p><p>color such as yellow and orange representwarmth not only with emotions but also</p><p>with temperature. Cool colors are blue,</p><p>green, black or any color with a dark shade.</p><p>Ecology: Obviously green is the major</p><p>color symbolizing ecology. The new phrase for people or companies who find ways to cut backon electricity, fuel, or things that damage the environment is "going green."</p><p>Religion:</p><p>Colors are also used in religious ceremonies or represent aspects of religion. Native Americaninclude colors in religious ceremonies. The Navajo Nation considers four colors to be important:</p><p>Turquoise, white, yellow, and black. These colors represent four sacred mountains. The Apache</p><p>Nation also considers four colors to be important: Green, white, yellow and black. These aresacred colors of the white mountain and are also used in government. The Iowa Nation alsoconsiders four colors to be sacred: Black, yellow, red and white. They represent direction, their</p><p>flag, and what they consider to be four races of man. [1]</p><p>Use in Therapy:</p><p>Colors are sometimes used in therapy. Colors have a huge effect on people who have braindisorders or who are emotionally troubled. The color blue has a calming effect on many people</p><p>and lowers respiration and blood pressure. Red has the opposite effect. Some therapists use greento sooth and relax emotionally disturbed people who suffer from anxiety or depression. Some</p><p>claim that the color violet is good for migraines but I doubt that claim because it would be usedmore extensively in the medical field. Yellow help energize people and relieves depression.</p><p>Color in World Culture</p><p>Color means many different things to different people and cultures. We all have our own favoritecolors. People like different colors like they like different foods. Color also represents feelings,</p><p>people, countries, cultures, and color symbolism. In the western world, the color red is seenfrequently of symbolizing anger or aggression. Some car insurance companies charge more for</p><p>red cars because some of the owners of red cars are more aggressive or take more risks.</p><p>Books about color</p><p>Black: The History of a Color- Black--favorite color of priests and penitents, artists and ascetics,</p><p>fashion designers and fascists- has always stood for powerfully opposed ideas: authority andhumility, sin and holiness, rebellion and conformity, wealth and poverty, good and bad. In this</p><p>illustrated book, the acclaimed author of "Blue" now tells the fascinating social history of thecolor black in Europe.</p><p>White: Children, helpfulpeople, marriage,</p><p>mourning, peace, purity,travel</p><p>Gold: Strength, wealth</p><p>Evil or sadness- Just like inthe western world- black.</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Color Symbolism and Culture</p><p> 4/4</p><p>Color and Meaning: Art, Science, and Symbolism - Does color have an effect on our feelings?The phenomenon of color is examined in new ways in John Gage's latest book. His study is</p><p>informed by the conviction that color is a contingent, historical occurrence whose meaning, likelanguage, lies in the particular contexts in which it is experienced and interpreted.</p><p>Veiled Brightness: A History of Ancient Maya Color- Veiled Brightness reconstructs what colormeant to the ancient Maya, a set of linked peoples and societies who flourished in and around theYucatan Peninsula of Mexico and Central America. By using insights from archaeology,</p><p>linguistics, art history, and conservation, the book charts over two millennia of color use in aregion celebrated for its aesthetic refinement and high degree of craftsmanship.</p><p>Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color- This authoritative guide presents hundreds of</p><p>color combinations and color principles needed to create effective designs. Every lesson isdemonstrated by example, enabling designers of all specialties and levels of experience to make</p><p>the best color choices for every type of design.</p></li></ul>