COLLEGE READINESS FORUM A High School to College Collaboration

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COLLEGE READINESS FORUM A High School to College Collaboration. Friday, May 11, 2012 Topic: English Collaboration. Presenters: English Faculty Michael White-Vice President of Student Services Ryen Hirata-Outreach & Matriculation Coordinator. AGENDA. FORUM OBJECTIVES. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Presenters: English FacultyMichael White-Vice President of Student ServicesRyen Hirata-Outreach & Matriculation CoordinatorOBJECTIVE 1: Strengthen Use of DataACTION STEPSTIMELINEPROGRESSKey Performance IndicatorsContact List by High SchoolTBDcompleteHS complete and return to RCCalendar fall/spring TBDproposedHS prioritize day/time and return to RC Create Blackboard site for HS partnersTBDcompleteRC completionRC persistence rates by HS Fallcomplete and attacheddelivery to HSOBJECTIVE 2: Readiness Dialogue between RC and HSACTION STEPSTIMELINEPROGRESSKey Performance IndicatorsEd Results Presentation05.11.11completeHS participationReedley College participates in Early Assessment Programspring 2011 spring 2012In progress - piloting studysuccess rates in English for 2011-2012 Fall/SpringDigital dialogue with HS and RC faculty in fall 2011TBDproposedRC follow-up email in spring 2012 and HS usageOBJECTIVE 3: Better align math and English curriculum between RC and HSACTION STEPSTIMELINEPROGRESSKey Performance IndicatorsPilot math pre-test constructed by RC math faculty spring 2012In progress HS participationReedley College participates in ERWC trainingfall 2011completeRC faculty participationReedley College English/HS English faculty collaborative (ERWC writing modules and share on Blackboard) spring 2012 on goingproposedSurvey of HS faculty/administrators;Regularly scheduled delivery to HS facultyRyen Hirata will post the PowerPoint version of the handouts on the CRF Blackboard site as soon as they become available to RC.Highlights:Green Smarter Balanced Secondary and post-secondary input into assessments.Pink Smarter Balanced note page 5 SBAC goalsBlue SBAC highlight link assessments and Common CoreOrange Common Core math and English design. Note page 10 Writing types and purposes.White EPIC note page 5 Crosswalk


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