college and career readiness internship programs for high school students

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Why thinking?

College and Career ReadinessInternship Programs for High School Students1GoalUnderstand the value and key elements of effective internships and develop an action plan for implementing them in your school AgendaWhat are internships? Why are they valuable? Implementation

Challenges and solutions Q&A Action Planning2The Chavez Schools' mission is to prepare scholars to succeed in competitive colleges and to empower them to use public policy to create a more just, free, and equal world.4Tackling big problems doesnt scare us because we know we are uniquely equipped to solve them and it is our responsibility to do so. The thinking of every discipline helps us to make change, so we become expert mathematicians, historians, readers, writers, scientists & artists in the process.5Boston Collegiate Charter School Our mission is to prepare each student for college.Boston Collegiate Charter School serves over 600 students in grades 5 through 12. Our goal is to instill in our students the expectation of college from the moment they walk through our doors. Boston Collegiate has consistently brought its mission to life: 100% of our graduates have been accepted into college!Junior InternshipHands-on workplace experience. Gain a greater comfort level in a less than familiar environment.Learn about a particular field.

Application to your workQuestions to consider:TimingAge groupFocus areaCurriculumCommunity support and resourcesFaculty involvement