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College and Career Readiness. December 2010 - present. 46 of 50 states adopt Common Core. Common Core State Standards. 51933492. The CCSS Requires Six Shifts in English/Language Arts . Balancing Informational and Literary Text Knowledge in the Disciplines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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College and Career Readiness


December 2010 - present46 of 50 states adopt Common Core

Common Core State Standards3The CCSS Requires Six Shifts in English/Language Arts Balancing Informational and Literary TextKnowledge in the DisciplinesStaircase of ComplexityText-based AnswersWriting from SourcesAcademic Vocabulary

+ 4What will this means for students? Students read a true balance of informational and literary texts.

Students build knowledge about the world (domains/ content areas) through TEXT rather than the teacher or activities.

Students read the central, grade appropriate text around which instruction is centered. Teachers are patient, create more time and space and support in the curriculum for close reading.

Students engage in rich and rigorous evidence based conversations about text.

Writing emphasizes use of evidence from sources to inform or make an argument.

Students constantly build the transferable vocabulary they need to access grade level complex texts. This can be done effectively by spiraling like content in increasingly complex texts.

+ 5How can parents help?Encourage reading with family members and at homeExpose your child to many different kinds of non-fiction textPrompt them in these waysWhat did the author teach you?Where in the words or pictures did you learn that?What do you think are the main ideas of this book?

+ 6The CCSS Requires Three Shifts in MathematicsFocus: Focus strongly where the standards focus.Coherence: Think across grades, and link to major topics Rigor: In major topics, pursue conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application

+ Standards for Mathematical PracticeChanging how math is taught

+What will this mean for students?Engage in fewer topics, but have more time to build a deep understanding of those topics.Students will be expected to develop expertise with mathematical practices. Teachers will provide opportunities which allow for critical thinking, critiquing the reasoning of others, modeling the mathematics, develop multiple points of entry for solving problems, and to preserve.Students will not be completing all parts of Everyday Math journalsStudents, in general, will become better problem-solversStudent will be better prepared for algebraStudents will be able to access higher level mathematics, beyond algebra+8How can parents help?Talk about situations in which you use math in everyday life Play lots of games involving numbers and/or logic, such as: card games, dominoes, chess, and dice gamesLearn about math related careersSupport homework, dont do itCheck with your childs teacher to see what more specifically would be helpful

+9New Progress ReportSame timelineSome standards are merged together to get a ratingThere will no longer be letter grades

+10Parent Resourceswww.corestandards.orgwww.pta.orgParent Roadmaps for the Common Core

+PTA for each grade level11