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1. On your own, please take a moment to jot down your ideas on what skills and abilities a student must have in order to graduate career and college ready. 2. These standards define the knowledge and skills students should have within their K-12 education careers so that they will graduate high school able to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing academic college courses and in workforce training programs. -Common Core State Standards 3. Are they the same or different? There is considerable overlap between skills and knowledge associated with college and career training success, so it is not useful to separate these two groups. Also similar attitudinal characteristics are necessary for success in both. The need is for all high school students to have core foundational knowledge and skill AND need room to develop their passions and interests in particular career pathways. 4. Todays students are entering a different world YESTERDAY TODAY Work for large company One job for life Steadily increasing pay Stay in hometown Well-paying jobs available in low-skill professions No real international competition for good jobs Work for small company Multiple jobs Pay freeze/cuts Move for work or career Uncertain retirement Low-paying jobs in low-skill professions Cut-throat international competition for good jobs Conley, 2011 5. Education and the job outlook Between 2008 and 2018, new jobs in Arizona requiring postsecondary education and training will grow by 227,000 while jobs for high school graduates and dropouts will grow by 88,000. By 2018, 61% of jobs in Arizona will require postsecondary education. This is 2 percentage points below the national average of 63% 6. NOVICES EXPERTS Tend to focus on discrete knowledge in isolation Reason in specific contexts by using recently-acquired information Know individual facts about topics Are slower and deliberate Learn about pieces of systems Recall information by rote Are faster and more accurate Connect new and prior knowledge Learn through example and analogy Create mental cues to facilitate recall Integrate pieces of knowledge into systems frameworks Generalize knowledge to new settings and circumstances Use analytical skills to apply knowledge and select procedures Organize facts into chunks for better recall and application Conley, 2011 7. 8. In your table groups, please revisit your ideas on the skills and abilities that a student needs to be college and career ready. Is there anything you would add or take away? 9. Sunnyside survey 81% Reading and Math Skills 66% Communication Skills (writing, public speaking, listening) 10. Sunnyside survey 48% Creative, Analytical, and Critical Thinker 47% Collaborate, Work Productively, Resolve Conflicts and Challenges 11. Sunnyside survey 51.8% Self-reliance, independence, personal responsibility, ethics, and accountability 12. The Academies at SUSD-Connected Learning Career Academy Focus Area English Math Social Studies Science Industry Credentials and/or Certificates Internships & Community Partnerships Economic Development & Community Transformation Digital Learning & One to One Computing Anywhere, Anytime, Online Learning Dual College Credit Global Classes Support Services Athletics Fine Arts AzCCRSAzCCRS 13. 14. Data collection on a continuum National Office of School Counseling Advocacy, College Board 15. Data collection on a continuum Elementary- 3rd grade Middle-8th grade High-12th grade Academics Scoring on grade level in math and reading Academics Construct a written response to complex text and complete algebra or be algebra ready Academics Place into college level classes in writing and math Technology Create and interact with technology in a variety of ways Technology Understand basic coding and computational thinking Technology Complete an online class Sense of Self Develops an age appropriate sense of respect for self and others Sense of Self Identifies personal responsibility for learning and success Sense of Self Can appropriately advocate for oneself


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